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Less than Professional

The hubs and I were contemplating eating out last night just for fun. No rush. No where to be. No logical reason we needed to grab food and run. Just time to hang out as a family out.

We quickly changed our minds when we realized how filthy our kids where after playing outside for the afternoon. They were in desperate need of some down time, tick removal, intense baths, allergy medicine and early bed time. We stripped them down to diapers and panties for a relaxing dinner and then decided to make some dessert.

Chocolate chip cookies are easy enough...right?!?

We made the fancy dancy homemade recipe off the back of the chocolate chip bag.

The girls helped me gather their steps and the ingredients. Toting heavy containers back and forth from the pantry. Racing one another to be the one who carried the most to the counter. Halted by the fact that heaving it up to the counter top was a chore in itself.

Izzie's job was to mixed all the dry stuff. I imagined this to be the less messy of the elements. I gave her an over-sized bowl in an attempt to {ahem} keep all the contents in place.

Maggie was in charge of the 'liquid' part. {I forgot we had run out of stick butter and forgot the importance of using stick rather than'll see}. She loves counting the scoops of sugar, butter, and being allowed to do the EGGS all by herself.
*I use the 1/4 cup scoop to measure everything when cooking/baking with them for a couple reasons:

  1. it's smaller and fits into the containers easier
  2. since it's smaller it is also easier for them to handle/balance
  3. they get to scoop more {seemingly}

We has a few slight mishaps but TONS of fun:

Izzie's stirring got a little out of hand, duh, she's 2. It covered the counter, steps, chair, feet, aprons, Hats, hair, and faces. The poor baby tried to clean up her own mess by scooping it off the counter. Into Her Mouth! Yep, Squatted mouth level to the counter, scooping the powder {combination of flour, baking soda, and salt} straight into that tiny mouth. Her eyelashes were covered {goopy allergy filled eye lashes}.

Maggie missed the mixing bowl with her egg. She carried them successfully to the counter. Cracked them beautifully. And then pulled that bad boy open, gave it a little shack and pulled it out of the mixing bowl about a millisecond too soon. She quickly shot her eyes to me. I laughed hysterically. She began to laugh and said, "Oops!" We scooped the puddle of egg as well as the remainder of Izzie's powder off the counter and plopped it into the bowl. Gross!

The entire corner of the kitchen was Covered in...cookie parts. I'm sure Matt thought we were nuts cackling and squealing all while he was on the phone with a long lost friend.

The giggling continued as I let them taste the batter {I know, I know...raw egg. I didn't die as a kid and they haven't...yet ;O)}

When I started scooping {I use that turn loosely} the cookie dough {also used loosely} onto the pans I remembered why you are supposed to use stick butter. It was a runny mess. Oh well, the girls didn't seem to mind as they used their itsy bitsy fingers to catch the drizzle as it quickly fell from the beater.

Cleaning up was almost as much fun. We shook each others hats and aprons free of the ingredient debris. Each girl had a washcloth and began quickly sloping the aftermath onto the floor. We continued by scrubbing down the chair and steps before they headed off for their bath while our dessert baked.

With those adorable aprons and chief hats make make their sweethearts look like professionals but these cookies prove that they {and their mamma} are still way less than professional.

Although, their little brother didn't notice anything amiss with the cookies.

Stay tuned to see how we tried to 'fix' these cookie! What do you do when your baking turns out 'less than professional'?

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Goodwill find!

I love the goodwill!

This past month I had the weird opportunity to go overnight to stay with my parents and see a friend all by myself. It was super weird and if your a mom you know what I'm talking about. Relaxing, healthy, but...weird!

Anyways. While I was there my mom and I got to fart around a little, run some errands, and check out the new, GIANT Goodwill in my hometown. I found these:


I'm been looking, pricing, and watching for 'preschool' chairs to go with my kids table we got serveral months ago. If you don't know anything about these they normally run anywhere from $15.00 for used and as high as $30.00 brand new. I found these for $20.00 - for the SET OF 4!!! That's $5.00 a chair! They in perfectly usable shape just a little ... loved on. I decided I'd try and paint them. I'd been looking for multiple colors so they would go with our 'theme' in the playroom. The hope of having a couple chairs that were primary colored (blue, yellow, red) and a couple that where secondary colored (orange, green, purple) made the hunt even harder/more expensive.

I found this Krylon paint at Wal-Mart for ~$4.00 each. I only found 2 that were "Fusion for Plastic" so I got those and then thought I'd try the normal stuff since I hadn't found all the colors I wanted  in the plastic type. And I already owned the black attachment on top of the orange can. I highly recommend this tool if you plan to do lots of spray painting projects! I helps keep your hands (fingers) clean, keeps an even spray, and your fingers don't hurt afterward from pressing down so hard.

I laid out a very used drop clothe on my driveway while my kiddos played in the yard. I cleaned them all up with multipurpose cleaner, warm wet rag, and a magic eraser (LIFE SAVOR- everyone who has kids should have some- cheap brand works just as good) if necessary.

After srubbing them all down and make sure they were completely dry I fliped them all upside down and spread them out so the different colors wouldn't blow on the chair next them. I started on the bottom so I'd feel free to use the rest of the can on the seat and back parts that would actually show!

I started with the orange and was super disappointed in how it looked...spray painted.

I did as well as I could and then moved onto the green "Fusion for Plastic" to see if it looked any better before I completely gave up. YEP! There's a reason they made special paint for plastic. The green looked GREAT! Only wasted 1/2 can... I took the other non-plastic specific paint back and searched at other Wal-Marts near us for the other colors. I found 5 of the 6 colors I wanted in the 3 different stores. Well worth it and I didn't make extra trips, I only went to ones I was already near for other errands I was running.

SuPeR pumped about my 4 preschool chairs I got for ~$9.00 each!!!


Where is your favorite place to find good deals? Any new fun projects going on in your world?

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The New Adventure {video announcement}

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The New Adventure

For those of you who weren't in attendance at Central Baptist Church this morning to hear about our family's newest adventure, HERE is my husband's post telling a little bit about it.

More news to come.

Have questions of ANY kind, ask away!!! I'd LOVE to talk to you about it. I've been waiting for months to talk ;o)

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5 minute Friday: grit


5 minutes to write about the grit in my life. What a relief to not me allowed to edit, over-think, etc.

My brain is full of grit. These past ~6 months feel like they've been non-stop. My heart aches with stress just attempting to think back over them.

  • Parties
  • Deaths
  • Holidays
  • More parties
  • Planning
  • Patients in not being allowed to plan yet
  • Decision
  • Laughter
  • Joy
  • Worry
  • Research
  • Decorating
  • Redecoration
  • Launching
  • Mothering
  • Sickness
  • New routines
  • Transition
  • Meal planing
  • Cleaning...lack of cleaning
  • Laundry piled high- upwards of 6 loads at a time in the floor- sorting
  • New teeth
  • Odd weather
  • Park dates
  • Dinner guest
  • Anticipation of our Newest Adventure on the horizon

Grit my teeth and push through.






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