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Our 1st Sunday of “Unemployment”

Today was our 1st Sunday of "unemployment". Technically we have the title 'church planters' but it feels like unemployment. We don't have a guaranteed full salary. We have to make our own 'office hours'. And today, we had already decided we were going to take a Sabbath. {you might sit down for this} We didn't go to a church service. a...splash pad. Everybody still with me?!? GREAT! Now I'd love to share our relaxing day of enjoying our family .

You may need sunglasses for the glare off our pasty family...

THIS is the newly opened, FREEEEEE, splash pad in the War Memorial Park in Little Rock, AR! {There's also another FREE one in LR called the Peabody Splash Park} We met new friends and played on giant slides! This place was perfect for toddler and preschool water play!This was a GREAT place to have a picnic and make a day out of it {at least 1/2 a day}! We buttered these kids up with sunscreen and make them wear thier big floppy hats as much as possible. {Brought to you via Aunty Meg, THX!}After our lunch break it had gotten a little more crowded but it was never overwhelming! Some of the water shot out fast but they loved us swinging them through it or running with them. Mag's, Iz, and J were ALL fascinated by trying to catch these little springs.When it was about time to go we headed over to the swing area {connected} and did some swinging. This helped dry everybody off and lull us into nap time! Normally these bucket swings freak me out but it worked great with thier towels stuffed down around them!VERY shortly after loading the car back up and hitting the road, 2 of the 3 where zonked out! Ms Mags fought it a lil longer. I think Matt was fighting the nap as well ;o)We decided to head to the good ole Wal-Mart for a few supplies to let the kids nap a little longer while one of us drove around...then BAM: Blow Out!!! hehehe This tire was a little low this morning so we put a some air in it before the trip to LR. We'd even joked that unemployment would be a great time to invest in some new tires. Good thing we were almost to WM- cheap tires.

Did I mention I was loose in the back of the car, tucking in freezing babies and putting on neck pillows when the kaboom happened? Yeah, Izzie was starting to wake up and then freaked out wide awake. She was fine when I promised I'd put on a "moo-gee". I took 1 of my 2 tank tops {neon yellow} and flagged cars into the other lane away from us on the highway. 2 of our friends found us in the blazing heat, helped air up the spare and chat with me! J didn't wake until he heard the movie and Mags...Maggie slept through the Entire thing! She didn't wake up until we all started unloading at the Wal-Mart tire place.Kill'n time in Wally World!

This is what we originally went to Wal-Mart for: dog clippers and flea shampoo. Poor old man dog, Kiz and his grey hair/fur! More outside fun! {note the preschooler in 2 different dresses...I don't know if we can still call these 'accident's ;o)}The mark of a good Adventure: SUNBURN!


Did I leave out any details you're interested in? What have you been doing this weekend?

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Carpe Diem: Seize the…Opportunity {Five Minute Friday}

On Fridays over here a group of people who love to throw caution to the wind and just write gather to share what five minutes buys them. Just five minutes. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking Link back at the gypsy mamma and invite others to join in.

Please give me your best five minutes on:




Today I am grateful to have seized the day on more than one day this past week. It has flown by but not with a single missed opportunity! Last Sunday was our last day at our {potentially} last church as youth ministers. Our New Adventure has started.

Among Matt starting work at his new "office" with regular 'buisness hours', there has been tons of celebrating going on this week. We are exhausted and filled. God has filled us with so much love this past week from all those who love us so dearly. I know last weeks 5MF ended up being...contreversal even though I still not sure why. This week I wanted to share nothing but the positives of this past week.

Sunday night there were the Awana Awards! AND a going away party for us!Monday night we had a FUN staff going away cook out! Tuesday was officially Nakey Day! along with some Nakey Painting! Wednesday was Maggie's last night in Cubbies which included a PJ party!

Thursday night was our fellowship night with the Journey class!

Friday night was dinner with awesome friends!

Saturday was a birthday party at the park! AND Nanna's birthday, including dinner and icecream cake! Memorial Day Weekend and our fun has just begun. We're looking forward to slowing down but not until after the SPLASHPAD and picnic at the park tomorrow as we take our 1st true Sabbath in a long time! Fun way to celebrate our Freedom in Christ! Thanks to all those who are missing someone special today who gave their life for America. Let's be sure to remember The One who gave His life for Everyone's Eternal Freedom from sin!!!

Our fun will continue into next week as Matt and I go to a cabin for a couple nights {ALONE} to celebrate our 8-year-anniversary! {THANKS Nanna and Papaw!} So, if you don't hear from me...that's we're I am ;O)


Hope you enjoyed our life via my camera. {THANKS Aunt TeaLee for letting me borrow yours after the 'bad guys' took mine!!! I promise I'll get a new one of my own soon ;o)} What are you doing in memory of those who have given their lives for our American freedoms?

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas {Thoughtful Thursdays}

Today is thoughtful Thursday so feel free to share ANY thoughtfulness!

Have a fun recipe? A tool you love? Please share by linking up below {linky messed up so add them in the comment section} and then posting the “Thoughtful Thursday” button to your post so other ladies can get lots of thoughtful helps! I know I've been sharing a lot of recipes lately but ANYthing thoughtful is welcome! Consider visiting the link above yours and encouraging them through comments!

I know Father's Day is still a month away, but I wanted to give those mom's out there a little more heads up than I did the dad's for mother's day. They tend to work a lil more in ahead of time anyways ;o)

Here are some AWEsome gift ideas I've found {mainly on Pinterest, direct links attached}:

Make Dad feel extra special by decorating you door for his day just like you would for other holidays!

Consider your dad's hobbies. Don't just get him a 'dad' gift bc that's what you think all dads like!

{affiliate link}

Guys like decorations around the house that commemorate milestones in his life, too!Some times a lil embracing recognition is Fun!Have a PARTY!!! Invite all the dads in your life! Need a theme ideas?

Need some food ideas:There are free printables for EVERY occasion!Mom's aren't the only ones who love a good 'ole fashioned handmade gift!

Have your kids announce to the world how much their dad ROCKS!

{affiliate link}

Here's a link to even MORE ideas on my Pinterest Gift Idea Board!


Hope these ideas sparked some memorable gift ideas for the daddies in your life! Have any to add to the list?

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Be Honest, Even When It Hurts.

Honesty? When is the phrase "be honest, even when it hurts" a biblical thought?

I've always hated those people who said terrible hurtful things for the sake of "honesty". Ya know, "that dress make your butt look really big." That kind of thing. Just mean. No need for it. Why would you 'put that out there'?

Then there are those times when you ask someone how they're doing and they actually tell you. The Entire story. Yucky details and all. You get all uncomfortable. AWWWWkward!

Yep, that was me the other day. A friend asked how I was "dealing" with our transition...I went all awkward and yacked it up via text. Then, after a good cry, I sat down to write my 5 minute Friday Post and that's when it got even more awkward...Ugg I want to apologize if anyone is feeling that way about my 5 minute Friday post: Perspective. My intent was to write from a writing prompt. NOT to say unnecessary things to be hurtful. I would also like to say that truth does set you free. After hitting "publish" I knew I might get flack. One of the rules about 5MF is no editing. Which is really hard for me, especially since I'm a Wretched 'speller' and a People Pleaser- not a good combo. Anyways. I just wanted to say sorry if I hurt anyones feelings!!!! I have received texted concern from some of these but I'm betting there may be more out there. I LOVE that this person contacted me with their hurt. If you have questions or concerns about it, PLEASE come talk to me {and or Matt}.

I have considered taking down the post but have chosen not to. A couple of reasons why:

  • This honesty is something that needed to be said. I wasn't attempting to be malicious. I wasn't attempting to bash this church. I was writing how I felt about circumstances in my life. I did not say this was the church as a whole. But my life isn't all sunshine and roses. Sorry to disappoint-Christianity doesn't "fix" life.
  • I also wanted to say that those were my feelings at that time. I was only 'allowed' a few minutes to attempt to put it into words. I wanted to write a follow-up post but now I'm afraid that some may think it's to apease them. What I didn't get to say in those few minutes was that I am overly sad to leave The Church we've been in for the past two years!!! The community God has built. It's something we've never experienced. I've actually talked about that in a previous 5MF post: Community and several other posts {THE Church, What I'm Called to Do}, just not during my hurting while writing that post.


I love God!
I love that He loved me even though I'm a big fat sinner!
I love that He no longer sees any of that past the blood of Christ that covers me!
I love the journey God has taken me on thus far. INCLUDING being at this church!!!
I love The Church at Central!
I love what God has taught us at this church!
I love where God is taking us now!

I will not shy away from the truth though. Bringing sin into the light is what the Bible asks us to do. I will not deny that this church as well as ALL churches in America have faults. The Church is...people. People who follow Christ. Those people still = sinners. The Church at this church loved on us more than we ever expected. That's part of how God drew us to this place. I was so full of joy, even just those 1st few weeks we were here, because of their love for us. I'm putting this out there because I want to live, as I've said a bazillion times before, a Transparent Christian Life! "In all that I am a Christ-follower. THAT sums up my entire being. It defines who I am in every other realm. It directs how I live in every situation."

The goal of this blog is to let me write. I love writing. We {christians} are called to make disciples As we are Going. I want to make disciples teaching them how I am 'dealing' with any and everything situation as I'm going. This is my outlet. As a stay-at-home-mom, you kind of have to make those outlets happen. It may not do all these things at once but this is my purpose:

Jules Prayer for readers:
“That visiting this space will edify, teach, train.
That it will create action, send, inspire.
That it will alert.
That it will feed, awaken, grow.
That it will help, heal, restore, mend, and breathe life.
No matter how God chooses to use this avenue in my life or yours, may it honor Him!”

Gossip Kills. Please come talk to us!

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Some Days, You Just Need a Little Perspective {5min Fridays}

On Fridays over here a group of people who love to throw caution to the wind and just write gather to share what five minutes buys them. Just five minutes. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Your words. This shared feast.

If you have five minutes, we have a writing challenge <—click to tweet this!

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking 2. Link back at the gypsy mamma and invite others to join in. 3. Please visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments.

Please give me your best five minutes on:





Many of you know that Sunday is our last day in our current position as youth minister at our current church. {sniff sniff} We are transitioning into Church planting. We will be planting in about 1.5 hours away from where we currently live. Already understanding why I need some perspective??? Yeah, but with this transition come less fear about what God has for us there and more emotions during this new adventure like most would guess. I trust where we're going and what God has for us.

Some days I just want to cry because there are hurtful people in our current church. They don't understand God's grand plan. They treat church like a country club. They pay their dues {"tithes"} and expect everyone who attends to do so as well. They also the expect "dress code" and "quality service" that meets their expectations. They will complain until they are up to par.

It's so sad; these people will say to your face {and worse behind your back}, "I know what you're trying to teach us. To be disciples and make disciples. We're just not what we're looking for." They don't see a single problem with that statement. They hate us for attempting to teach this and not producing more country club youth group. They've even tried to chump up charges to get us fired because of it.

Be disciples and make disciples is what the JESUS tells us to do in the BIBLE. How could this not be what we're supposed to be teaching?

Other days I'm just so gitty that we are heading out on this new adventure. I can't wait to sell our house here even though I love it and am so sad to give it up. I can't wait to find a new one. I want to "house hunt" with all my friends but then I realize...they're not going. They're staying here and feel abandoned. I can't be excited with them or even around them. They're hurting. I've already been excited with my husband. Who else can I tell? {other than God}

I also have trouble sharing my feelings of sadness about leaving with them because We are Choosing to move. I love our community!

This life in limbo is making me feel...bipolar. Up. Down. All over!

Some days, I just need a little perspective. Perspective that shows me where I am NOW. Not what I've been through or what's coming. I need to see just today.

Today God gave us roof-top water fun out on our patio. This is where I am Today. These are the people who love me. These are the people are the ones who have been where I've been- limbo. Through what I've been through. These are the people going with me on this new adventure. The ones I can talk to about the transition. These are the people I'm with today.

Thank you, God for the prospective!

STOP {15min past...}

NOTE: I always feel like I need to write a follow-up post to these 5 min Friday posts...this is just what came out during those 5 minutes. I tried to cut myself off. Obviously didn't get to tell more about perspective. This actually went a direction I didn't intend.

I mainly found peace today amidst a really hard transition. The past several months have been up and down. I haven't felt like I could talk freely {on here}. Maybe in the next month I can share more. THANKS for tha love'n!



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