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In less than 12 hours the awesome
20 Days of Giveaways
will begin!

The day many of you have been waiting for will finally be here! But if you're new to this whole 20 Days thing let me tell you what's going down:

Starting tomorrow, there will be a new post every day until the 19th of Aug. Each post will have a description or review of the thing being given away that particular day. There will be print books, eBooks, clothing, accessories, personal care, children's products, and home decor!

Next, there will be a way for you to enter to win the prize for that day. I will be using a "Rafflecopter" for every giveaway. Rafflecopter is the easiest way to Create, Run, & Enter online giveaways.  Ever, ever. Nervous you won't know how to use it? Go HERE, test it out and win a real prize from Rafflecopter. I love this tool because its totally free to use and it randomly selects the winner for you when the giveaway ends. That way I have no say in who wins and who doesn't; no more numbered papers in a hat! More info on how Rafflecopter works HERE.

All giveaways will run from the day they are posted until the 20th {midnight}. That means you have until 11:59pm on Aug 19th to enter to win EVERY giveaway available during the 20 Days of Giveaways.


Many people have asked me, "Why are you doing this?" Well, I will be completely honest and tell you!

  1. I benefit from more readers coming to my blog. Higher readership for means I have more people to share Christ with more people through this odd transparent view into the life of a Christ follower. Another way of sharing Christ {other than sharing on here} is through living it out in my community. Many of you know my family has recently been called to plant a church in Vilonia, AR. That doesn't pay a lot ;o) So, I am using this blog to help supplement our income through paid posts, affiliate links, and advertising. If you want to know more about that, click HERE.
  2. The host of each giveaway is being exposed to my readers. Not a large community but more individuals non-the-less. Exposure for their business or product will further their success. EVERY person or product was hand selected by me because I truth that person or product. Many of these people I've known for years. Many products I use myself. When I had the idea for this massive giveaway I didn't really believe I could get 20 participants. I personally wrote all these people explaining my desire and ask if they would be interested in being a part of it. All but 3 responded with a resounding YES! Wooo Hooo!!! Which brings me to the last and most important reason I wanted to do this giveaway.
  3. YOU! I know time is a tricky thing to prioritize, so choosing to spend any of it here is a big deal to me! I hope you are as blessed being here. I also know that I LOVE free stuff! I love entering to win things. I LOVE blogs that offer awesome products as giveaways. I enter tons of them and have won a couple. That is why I wanted to Thank You by offering a giveaway! I want to show Christ FREE eternal love for YOU, that brings Everlasting Joy, through FREE temporal things that bring us momentary joy.

20 entire Days of Giveaways. Over 35 prizes. Valuing over $500.oo!!!

Win Win Win!

{I also Love The Office}

I thought you said this was "20" days of giveaways; why isn't there a new giveaway on the 20th? Good Question!!! There will be TONS of giveaways on the 20th! They will all be at the Facebook Party that night from 8-10pm (CST) on the asJulesisgoing fan page. Read more about the party HERE. Aug 19th, I'll post a more detailed post about the ins and outs of how a Facebook Party works. Ya know, since I'm an expert after attending 1 Facebook Party ever. {ahem}

If you have ANY question, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask! I will be working at the Duck Duck Goose Sale Aug 1st & 3rd but I will answer questions ASAP! Thanks again for being here!!!

Let the giveaways begin and may the odds be ever in your favor! ;o)

{hehe and The Hunger Games}

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Biscuit Pizzas

One of my families favorites is Biscuit Pizzas!

How did I not know about these sooner? A friend a few years ago mentioned heading home late from Wednesday night church to go through a quick late dinner together before her teens: Biscuit Pizzas. "What are those?" I thought to myself with a snarled noise. THOSE are YuMmY! Come snatch the recipe I'm sharing at The Homemaker's Challenge today!


Pepperoni Coupon

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F for #fail

Supervising our children is one of the most crucial, time and energy-consuming, and most easily excusable things a parent must do with children.

I've talked before about how I'm not good at playing with my children. I'm getting better but when my hubs is home, I automatically go into relax mode. I check out. I tap-out and expect my hubs to tap-in for this child rearing wrestle match.

When the Bible explained to us that we are to "train" a child. That means ongoing, hands-on training. None of these doggy training day camps, online tutorials, or one week of "training" before starting a new job. Nope, this is  a much more gruesome task. Day in and day out.

This is what happens every time I assume my children know what they "should" be doing or not doing.  Messes. BIG Messes. Along with lack of supervision comes fighting. Selfish arguing. Physical revelry. SCREEEEEAMING! Oh, the screaming... and of course the dreaded--> LOTS of time outs and spankings. Do you remmeber those days of "Hey, mom's on the phone, whatever we want!"? I do! I started shaving when my mom was on the phone. #Fail on my part- NOT my mom's.

Don't get me wrong. Some of this comes when I am attempting to be constantly engaged and training 24/7 but the majority of it could be avoided or dealt with at a quicker pace if I were engaged More! I'm not looking to incite more mom guilt. We ALL have more than enough of that. I just need some accountability to train. Surprisingly, doing this will end much of yelling that comes from the stress on mom rooted in selfishness.

These are a few things I've learned and am attempting to apply:

  • Save "work" for proper times {ie when kids are in bed or occupied} I'm bad about this. My selfish time is when I'm "working" on things like preparing consignment items, writing blog post, giveaway prep {ahem}, making meals, etc. Some of these need to be done independently but others I'm getting better at doing withmy kids!
    1. Set "work" hours
    2. Entertain children if they're not asleep {hint: no crafting for them during "work" hours}
    3. Be flexible with "work" hours
  • Consistently do routine things with themall the while explaining "how we do it" and what is expected of them when they do it themselves {ie Get up when I hear they're awake, brush teeth, help dress/feed them} The mark of a family having kids close together is some times we are pushing for older kids to do things independently early {not too early for abilities but because they wanna be babies as well} I'm betting they will let ya know when they want to do it themselves. Still wanna learn the balance of raising self-sustaining kids but showing them grace and love along the way.
    1. Show them how to
    2. Do it with them
    3. Watch them do it
    4. Expect them to do it
    5. Then start over again if they still don't have it.
  • Laugh and Use Teachable moments when all else #Fails. Take your camera into the mess. I do! It helps me defuse the situation {for me}. I try not to laugh when the situation could have been dangerous. I try to explain to my kids why this was a "Bad Choice!" This is our daily term. We say it with our added thumb down signal.  The signal helps us communicate fast when I'm across the house and don't want to yell. I do NOT take pictures or laugh on second offenses {unless it's hilarious and I've already handed out punishments}! Read more in the comment section where I learned I need to add this point.
    We can't expect out children to know how to do something if we aren't willing to train them how to do it; continually training. You and I don't always get something right the very first time we're were taught to do something and often just can't remember the instructions the next time we were expected to do it?

Join me in attempting to "TRAIN" kids to the best of our abilities!

What part of training do you struggle with the most? How do you do your hands on training day in and day out?


For Real Y'all! This happened moments after publishing this post!

I think the story goes: Izzie was trying to take the 1st baby to the "potty" then J was assisting her in getting the other 3 into the "pool". #FAIL!

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Only 2 days to Enjoy a FREE 11×14 print

Got an email deal I needed to share! Shutterfly has a FREE 11x14 for YOU this weekend only!


Enter Promo Code: V7NK-5NP2-A125-URTB4X

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“I am a thoughtful Guy” {Thoughtful Thursday}

Today is thoughtful Thursday so feel free share ANY thoughtfulness in the comment section or even add a link to your blog's thoughtfulness!

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So, my HUBS ask what I had for Thoughtful Thursday last night...when I told him nothing he protested saying, "Thursday will not be thoughtful with out Thoughtful Thursday" so this one is from him:


Wanna see more of these guys? You could always hit up their YouTube page OR

you could see them in What's in the Bible! What? THEY are featured in That series?

YEP, in Vol 1--->

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