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Mels’ Charming Creations {available to YOU}

THIS is the 8x10 Distressed Chalkboard Frame with fabric flowers that Meg won during the 20 Days of Giveaways!

I am ecstatic to let you know, Melissa of Mel's Charming Creations is offering smaller items like this framed chalkboard to YOU! If you live locally, you need to get the hook up with her larger items but because of shipping, those out-of-town should really shoot for smaller items.

Contact Mel HERE today to commission you Christmas gifts today!

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My Husband ROCKS! {planter, runner, handyman}

So a blogger friend acquaintance of mine {she's got a bazillion readers of which I'm just 1} is starting this really cool link-up series called "My Husband is Awesome" over at the Bohemian Bowmans. I love this because I LOVE my husband and don't get to praise him enough {via the net or in person}. Recently I noticed when reading other blogs {since 2-5 minute blurps are what I read if and when I read} that there are several women talking about marriage stuff/bettering their marriage or their husbands in general. I talk a big game and know that my husband is my best friend, my confidant, my biggest fan, and the person who treats me the most like Jesus. Many days I wish I could write about how-to better your marriage, love your hubs better etc...but I don't. Because...I don't. I'm aweful at 'working on' my marriage. Loveing my hubs in his 'language'. I get stuck in that same rut of kids, house, and my self-involved blogging business. I've always been bad about not trying unless I knew I was going to be successful at something. Even right now, I've been struggling with not trying in a couple areas for fear of failure.Thanks Jess for kicking me off the couch on this. Here's to trying!

Today I'm going to begin posting {at least} weekly updates just about my handsome hubs, Matthew Ray Rothacher!

WARNING: This man has been claimed til death does us part, so no creepers look'n to snag him up. He's mine. Not sure why God blessed me so abundantly, but he did. Sorry Ladies! ;o)

This week kicked off with an 'interview' at 1Church so our new church family can begin getting to know us and our vision for The Valley church plant. Matt rocked this out the house! God's refining him into such an amazing communicator! Just listening to him Sunday reignited the fire to jump on board with what God is planning to do in Vilonia!

Monday morning, we had our normal routine of me and the kids going grocery shopping and Matt heading off to his office {aka the local McDonald's}. He even coordinated a Nanna Day for lil J {since he could do his normal awesomeness in taking him to the office with him for the morning} so shopping would be that much easier. When I returned home we informed me he had good news. SWEET! I like good news! "People are coming to view our house at 6!" Even SWEETER!!! As I began my plan of attack on the house in my head Matt quickly grinned and said, "Well, there goes my afternoon." I love this man! He whooped tail going rabid on the garage. He moved all his boxes from his old church office who had found a temporary home in the garage down to the basement. DANG! Such a hoss! Only breaking for the potty and give me smoochies, he was non-stop until it was amazingly organized.

Did I mention he's looking hotter and hotter every day because he's doing this fun 'couch to 5K' thing and is committed to training/running at least every other day. Oh, and he always plans his runs early in the morning or late at night as to not miss family time.

After the peeps that came to see our house didn't jump on making an offer, I did what every rash person does in my situation... I email the realtor that showed our house. hehe I just let her know I would love some feed back: likes, dislikes, concerns, etc. Sadly, she responded that they liked our house but were concerned with the flat roofed patio above the garage and the old water damage in the garage. When I let Matt know she'd actually responded to my insane plea to sell my house completely normal email correspondence with those concerns his pour face sunk. We both had high hopes of these being the ones! Then, he disappeared.

My man has installed a new drainage system in the floor of our patio! He is also planning to fix the quirks in his amazingly designed system before re-sheet-rocking the ceiling in the garage. Take that dis-satisfied potential home buyers! Oh, and I forgot to mention, he bought me 'new-to-me' patio furniture from Craig's List! 1st patio furniture Every AND I get to pick out new cushions!

These are just the new ways he's found to love me this week, added to the doing breakfast duty so I can shower, helping with my babes, changing ridiculous amounts of poopy diapers {ya know, since he can't smell. For Real}, and doing nightly bath/bed so I can do my 'chores'. I love my man!!!!

I know yours isn't ever gonna be as cool as mine but if ya wanna share anyways, comment below or hit up Jessica's link-up to share with many others!

 This series is sponsored by:My Husband Rocks Tees & more @!

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Marshmallow Sticks {Thoughtful Thursday}

Today is thoughtful Thursday!

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Feel free share ANY thoughtfulness in the comment section or even add a link to a thoughtful post on your blog!

Today's thoughtfulness come from my 4-year-old. For snack one afternoon, we got a little creative. This was all her doing. Maggie wanted to make a snack using her new-found popsicle she searched the top shelf of the pantry where we keep our "snack" items she discovered the mini marshmallows!

If you would like to create this...snack, you'll need the following items:

  • Wooden craft popsicle sticks
  • mini marshmallows

Here's are the directions. Make sure you pay close attention, you don't wanna mess this up ;o)

  1. Pock the mini marshmallows on the popsicle sticks {as many as you'd like}
  2. Place sticks on a microwave-safe dish & Microwave for ~5 seconds
  3. Place dish with sticks into the refrigerator for a few seconds to cool quickly
  4. EAT and Repeat!

Do you have any thoughtfulness to share today?!?

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Storm Were Made to Sleep Through

The life of a Christian isn't perfect, uncomplicated, or stress-less yet it comes with so much peace.

Like a small child promised a lollypop, I sit waiting. Many days turn into pouting. Wining. Sulking. Complaining. Most of the time I'd rather be ask to accomplish something weird to 'earn' the sucker than to simply wait. Suddenly, God treats me like the child I am...

Can you remember the end of summer. Pouting because you can no longer stay up late, swim all day, travel to fun places. Then you go to school that first week. You're either re-antiquated with friends you've missed all summer or meet new friends you never knew you could love so much in just a few short days. Yeah, that's me. God shows me much grace as I sulked in the corner waiting to head to Vilonia, the promised lollypop. He scooped me up and placed me among sweet sweet people. Helping me endure the wait. Showing me He's there. Already. He's here. With me. He knows my woos. He knows His plan. It makes me smile watching all that he is orchestrating!

Our future sponsor church we've been attending has welcomed us in to their family! From being a part of a fun D-Group {discussion group} to having lunch dates, we have been gitty little kids with Friends again! It may sound silly but simple texts, emails, and Facebook "likes" can make us walk around with goofy grins. It's weird being in no ones world. It makes our world more self-involved. Blluack! No one needs more of that.

For me, it's always been easier to step out onto the water and walk to Jesus. It's like an adventure.Many people have been worried for us in this new season. "Where will you get money?" "You know you have kids right? What are they gonna do?" "How will you start?" "When will you go?" "Why would you do that?" We may sound odd but those have never been our concern. Satan knows that. He knows we deal better with quick, in-your-face-stress. Maybe that's why we're waiting. Why doesn't really matter, though.

I'm learning to sleep. Not the kind of lame "sleep" everyone tries to feed singles about "Adam had to fall asleep before he got Eve." I don't think that's really how God works. I do think He wants me to learn to rely on Him in all things and learn to sleep through the storm until the wind runs out of breath and Jesus calms the storm. Jesus is my perfect example in Mark {4:35-41}.

Late that day he said to them, "Let's go across to the other side."
They took him in the boat as he was. Other boats came along. A huge storm came up. Waves poured into the boat, threatening to sink it. And Jesus was in the stern, head on a pillow, sleeping!
They roused him, saying, "Teacher, is it nothing to you that we're going down?"
Awake now, He told the wind to pipe down and said to the sea, "Quiet! Settle down!"
The wind ran out of breath; the sea became smooth as glass.
Jesus reprimanded the disciples: "Why are you such cowards? Don't you have any faith at all?"
They were in absolute awe, staggered. "Who is this, anyway?" they asked. "Wind and sea at his beck and call!"

That's my prayer today. Thanks for the glimpses of what's to come: Health. Revival. MY generation seeking HIS face, the God of Jacob!

Deep Breaths. Patients. Eye on the Prize. Steady. Remember the mile markers on our way to the finish line. Storms were made to sleep through. Relax. Enjoy the thunder knowing Who's in charge of it all. The joy comes in the morning. It Is Coming!

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Notes from the Teacher’s Desk {homework helps}

So yesterday, I share some super helpful hints from "The Teacher" on how to have a successful school year.

Today our bonafide teacher who’s working in the ‘trenches’ will be sharing some fun homework helps!

Megan lives in Raleigh, NC where is she is beginning her 10th year of teaching elementary school. She is very involved with her church family at North Wake Church. She continues to strive towards using her singleness to the glory of God, while looking forward with hope of someday being a wife and a mommy. She’s also my beautiful sister-in-law! I know, I scored all the way around ;o) She blogs over at “Lady In Waiting”.


I’ve heard through the grapevine how difficult getting homework completed may be after a busy day. Here a few tips that can help:

  1. Set a timer to help your child stay focused on the task at hand.
  2. Give them a brain break before jumping into the homework assignments can help some kids. Let them ride their bike, watch one TV show, have a snack or do their chores.
  3. Do you have a child who wants to ask 5,000 questions about the work and have you nearly do it for them? Give him/her 3 post-it notes with a question mark on it representing the number of questions they're allowed to ask during a homework session. When they ask the question, a post-it note gets taken and when they are out of post-it notes they are not longer allowed to ask questions. This seems to really help them decide if the question is worth asking or if it’s a delay tactic.
  4. Chunk the work: Break the homework down into small sets of work time and let them choose which item they will complete in which order and then give a short break between tasks.
  5. Does your child struggle academically? If your child is becoming frustrated with homework to the point of breaking down, contact your child’s teacher quickly and discuss what you can do to help. There’s nothing that breaks my heart more than to find out a student is melting down over homework which is meant to be reinforcement and practice, not stressful.
  6. Check over the homework for completion. I have had many conversations where the parents’ were unaware that their child was turning in incomplete assignments and claiming they were finished at home.
  7. Help your child learn independence- have your child pack up their school materials and returning them to school daily. It will save a headache for a teacher when they go to start Math and someone doesn’t have their book or homework.

Praying for fun, save, and successful school years for all my mommies out there!
If you have questions for "The Teacher" , ask away in the comment section below. We'll find some answers ;o)

For more back to school helps, hit up these awesome blog posts:


Other posts that may help with going back to school:

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