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Backseat Conversion

12 years old and sitting in the backseat of my mamma’s fashionable station wagon, we pulled away from the church building that Sunday morning. I don’t remember what the details of the conversation where but somehow I ended up making the statement, “Well…I’m a Christian…” Without skipping a beat my mom responded, “Says who? You haven’t ever told anyone that.” I’m pretty sure there may or may not have been a reference to the whole, “deny me I’ll deny you” passage but I can’t be certain. And thus began my journey in knowing God.

backseat conversion

You see, since the beginning of time…or at least the beginning of me, my family has always attended church. I heard all the great stories of the bible {G rated of course}, could sing the songs, and knew tons about God. I totally knew there was a God. I was too smart to think this all came about because a big mass of nothing exploded. My theory was, “I’ll just act like everyone else so they’ll see you don’t have to change anything to become a Christian.” How right and wrong that theory was all at the same time.

Yes, there is nothing you can change about your life, do better, or stop doing to earn the gift Jesus has given us but at the same time, when His spirit moves are never the same again.
{that's another post for another time 😉 }

I chewed on my mom's truthful blunt statement for a while. Thinking. Seeking. Struggling. Yep...there needs to be a change in my life.

It's funny how God knows His intentions amidst your life, even before you fully commit to Him. He's just that good. I can just picture...

God's like a first time daddy holding his baby girl. She has no way of knowing the depth of love he already has for her. He enjoys rocking her. Protecting her. Guiding her heart. He dreams of what he'll teach her. The silly conversations they'll have. Watching her grow up and fall in love only to meet a guy that would love her as much as he does.

God's like a boyfriend holding an engagement ring the moment he met his love and waiting to give it to her until she finally realized they're meant to be. He dreaming about all the fun we're going to have. Deep, hard, emotional conversations that are to come. How we'll grow to be one.

God loves me so much that He wants to allow me to be a part of and used in HIS story. {swoon} Christ is my only hope and because of that, I wanted to serve Him the rest of my life.

The next year, I sat on an outside stair case reading my bible. I was falling more and more with my new daddy & the love of my life. Nothing would ever be the same. That day, I clearly felt God tell me I was gonna be a pastor's wife. I was totally cool with that. I had no idea what that meant but I was cool with that. And for some odd reason I prayed that we would be poor. LOL Maybe I thought that would keep me from being materialistic or maybe I just thought "poor" just came with being a "pastor's" wife. I digress...

Again, He knows me so well! All our relationship He seems to have given me hints of what was to come. Being the control freak that I am, I think He tries to ease my stress by letting me in on things slowly.

That backseat conversion was just the beginning of the crazy cool adventure God was planning on taking me on!

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Win aJig Points

Today... Oh today, Not unlike most days recently, was packed with...stuff to do.

Don't let my Instagram pics fool you!

To kick off the day right, guess what I had for breakfast!?! Did you say pancakes? Wrong. Did you say cinnamon rolls? Wrong. Did you say cereal? But I did have french toast the way, not the best ideas for portable on the road while you're the one driving food according to my hair, necklace, and shirt. Woops.

While working Duck Duck Goose from 9-4ish there were a few things that would have been nice:

  1. Chapstick,  that wind's a booger!
  2. Bigger bags of M&Ms for my lunch but the mini bags & some peanuts were great. Just glad it wasn't SPAM.
  3. Stain remover or even just a simple baby wipe for some of the nasty clothes that tried to sneak their way in, I for Real washed my hands All Day Long. lol
  4. Fewer of THESE and THESE and THESE singing, I mean, that makes it really hard to hear yourself talking to yourself all day.
  5. Gum curbed the hunger {btw: my boss is not a slave driver...I'm just a task oriented person & wouldn't leave to get anything}
  6. If any day was an allergy's nasal spray kinda should have been today. Hello
  7. Maybe next time I'll bring cookies...
  8. or maybe just the dough
  9. I have a wicked strong smeller. Maybe air freshener would be a good investment for the old building or
  10. maybe...for the stinky people.

After the fun of hanging out with working with sweet ladies all day, I ran home to help get ready for a family to come see our home {for the 3rd time! hopefully that's a good sign}. When I got home it was time to

  1. scarf the pizza I picked up on the way and then we were off...
  2. check to see if I needed refills for all the plug-ins already going
  3. Does anyone use these? I always thought they looks a lil nasty sitting in a window or on a counter but I guess they work well. I just through one away tonight after like at least a month.
  4. I didn't have time to do the carpets though {tear}
  5. or the windows, another day.
  6. Wiped down counters/tables
  7. I think Matt cleaned the kitchen and
  8. bathrooms and
  9. TOILETS {several times after #stomachbug2013- didn't know? Check out my twitter or Facebook}
  10. everywhere else while I was work'n 😀

Now, I'm off to upload a gazillion pics of this weekend's work in Vtow & The Valley! Woot!!!


Wanna play a lil game called figure out what Jules linked to? You can win 2000 aJig points 😀 Click each link to find a coupon for an item. If/when you print one {or all}, it helps support us on our crazy adventure of church planting. THANKS!

the value of an aJig point is approximately 
$0 and a bunch of pride
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It’s SuperBaby

Click to Enlarge Image

The FamilyCord Super Baby Facts - Brought To You By FamilyCord

DISCLAIMER: is not affiliated with 
and does not supporting cord blood banks and or 
stem cell research in anyway by posting this 
image from FamilyCord.
These superbabies are too stank'n CUTE & informitive!;)
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Surviving the Stomach Bug {Thoughtful Thursday}

Sorry, I know this isn't your typical Valentine's Day Thoughtful Thursday post but this is very relevant to our lives this week.

Thoughtful Thursday a weekly series on

Monday morning my sweet little, regularly energetic , 2-year-old slept in late and 30 minutes later was asking to go night night and snuggled in my lap for a long time. That was the beginning of this weeks yack-fest. I won't go into the details of who won the up chuck count but I do want to share a 3 things that helped us manage a household full of littles who are very good sharers. Keep in mind, these are just practical tips to add to the normal love'n, movie watching, snuggling, washing, book reading, diaper changing, temp taking, water chugging that goes with stomach bug 2013.

Photo: Is it really the stomach bug when ur kids looks this happy moments after holding their own vomit n their hand?! #spoketoosoonPhoto: "Do we get to watch movies all morning AND evening!?!" "Y.E.S." #movieWednesday #yuck #sleepitoffPhoto: 2 out 3 Roth Babes say- boooo for moving in to fevers! 1 Babe's symptoms have moved south...Photo: Our oldest... Not as good an aim... # stomachbug2013 #upchuckstricksagainPhoto: Apparently bottled water & conversation hearts make a good stomach bug recovery meal. #themoreyouknowPhoto: Round 3 of #stomachbug2013 Day 2 of #moviemarathonPhoto: THIS is very odd for my children. They've never passed out on the couch, in the morning, watching a movie. #stomachbug2013 #sad

1. The War Zone:

Our children are 2, 3, 4-years-old so the likelihood of them all making it to the bathroom when they feel sick in the middle of the night is pretty low. For some reason all 3 kids think the appropriate time to begin their barf marathon is between 10pm and midnight...gross. We decided to be proactive in this late night strike and make our Hazmat Team clean up a little easier by

  • tucking towels on the pillow as well as over the bed right where the mess is likely to occur then we
  • placed an empty trashcan right next to the bed just in case the attack was faster than the child and finally we
  • made a trail of towels from the bed to the bathroom along the path they will be taking several times in the middle of the night.

The War Zone making family-wide sickness more manageable

2. Tracking Meds:

With this years stomach bug came nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and low-grade fever. Needless to say we had a couple of medicines we were trying to use in making everyone feel a little better. To keep track of meds as well as limiting the ways this thing might get passed back and forth we

  • labeled medicine cups with each child's initials,
  • used a small empty picture frame and a dry erase marker to remember who took what medicine at what time, and we then
  • marked water bottles with different colored straws so there would be no sharing.

Tracking Meds when multiples are sick

3. The BRAT Diet:

With everyone's tummy still curdling, gurgling, and a little on edge to say the least, we needed something to help get things back on track. The BRAT diet was something we've used since our kids started table foods. {AVOID Milk}

The BRAT diet is a historically prescribed diet for patients with gastrointestinal distress such as diarrhea, dyspepsia, and/or gastroenteritis. The BRAT diet consists of foods that are exceptionally bland and low in fiber. Low-fiber foods were recommended as it was thought that foods high in fiber cause gas and possibly worsen gastrointestinal upset.
The American Academy of Pediatrics states that most children should continue a normal, age appropriate diet. The foods from the BRAT diet may be added, but should not replace normal, tolerated foods. Sugary drinks and carbonated beverages should be avoided. ~Source

  • B. Bananas. I'm thinking any form of this would work. Peel and eat, mash it up and eat with a spoon, or slather on your toast.
  • R. Rice Nuf said.
  • A. Apple Sauce I think the consistency of the sauce version of the apple is part of its magic.
  • T. Toast We have several adorable "toast stamps". One says, "I love you", another is a heart, and another is a mickey mouse. Just to add a little fun. My kids don't eat a lot of toast so we've subbed dry {healthy} cereal several times.

The BRAT Diet

Hope these tips help you survive your family's next bug epidemic.

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One with My Husband

I love Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm not a big flower and chocolate kinda girl but I love a guaranteed date some time during the week of the "Love Holiday". Matt and I went out Tuesday night. Nothing fancy. We did get to eat at Old Chicago for < $15, just say'n. GREAT legit deal! We relaxed. Talked. Enjoying being ONE for a while rather than five.

vday at old chicago

I'm a slacker and only got my hubs a couple little cards. This is an odd holiday to buy for...well, I'm learning almost any holiday can be odd to buy a gift for a man. I know some women complain about it but for the most part you could get me anything 'householdy" and I would love it. man. Not so much into the "man toys." He's not outdoorsy and although he is becoming Mr Fix-it, I don't think he's looking for  a drill wrapped in heart paper. Any ways. I've become worse and worse at this gift stuff the longer we've been married and the more kids we have. I love being sneaky but with all these kids and responsibilities floating around, there's not much room for surprise.

Matt on the other hand has taken advantage of my distracted mommy-self. One year he saved for ever and surprised me with a laptop, then a kitchen aid mixer, then tickets to ALUME! He's good!!! For Valentine's Day he bought me clothes. He knows me so well. I hate shopping. I get depressed trying to find modest clothing to fit my short squatty body. I love wearing t-shirts and for years my wardrobe has been youth event Ts. Those have all become extremely worn and there aren't any new one in my near future. Matt hooked me up with TWO new Union28 t-shirts. The brand new "One with my husband" t-shirt and the brown "United In All Times" t-shirt.

one with my husband WE GO TOGETHER

We really do "Go Together"!

You know I love this company...I actually already owned 2 shirts and a hat. What can I say. When your wardrobe is t-shirt and jeans, ya got grab up the cute ones, even if they are all from the same place. ;D

 318898_639889915087_209345365_n578359_637604634807_1799269224_nIMG_6787one with

contains affiliate links
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