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To Redeem

One of my new favorite concepts to {almost} grasp about redeem something.

Redeemed - He Has Made Everything Beautiful - Pillow Cover


  1. To recover ownership of by paying a specified sum.
  2. To pay off.
  3. To turn in and receive something in exchange.
  4. To fulfill.
  5. To convert into cash.
  6. To set free; rescue or ransom.
  7. To save from a state of sinfulness and its consequences.
  8. To make up for.
  9. To restore the honor, worth, or reputation of.

One of my favorite ways to SEE this is currently in our "old dollar general" building we have been allowed to "redeem". This well-worn, grungy, passed down, forgotten, abandoned, in-need-of-much-love building is now being redeemed, not just because it is becoming a space for the church to meet but because it is being recovered, converted, restored into a useable, worth-while, place of value.

Watching the simple lease being signed gave me hope. Hope that there will be one less vacant building in a community we are praying flourishes. Seeing a group of people see this space as something other than its past with excitement about its potential is intoxicating. Being a part of this group who now feels this place is worth investing in, working on, and helping transform, shows me a glimpse of what Christ has done for me.

I was {and still am} a worn, grungy, passed down, forgotten, abandoned, in-need-of-love person. I have been redeemed, not just for a ticket into heaven one day but for now, because I am recovered from the grime; converted and restored into someone usable, worth-while and given value; not because of my decision to become a bond-servant of Jesus but because He chose to redeem me.

Know Jesus came because He loves us in our brokenness, not because we are "worth dying for" but because we are a creation of THE Creator to whom we owe all praise. We can now be intoxicated by His desire to give God the glory through giving us new potential. Covered by His robe of righteousness, I am now being invested in, worked on, and transformed!

Do you know the life change that can only be found in being redeemed by the only One who can redeem, pay in full, recover God's ownership of us by paying a specified sum- DEATH of a sinless person who has power OVER Death. That is Easter. THAT is the ultimate Redemption.

UPDATE: Totally just bought these giant letter from DaySpring that spell out REDEEMED for the valley's entry.


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Team Jesus or Team Me?

My children sit in the backseat squabbling. With months of travel under their belts they've run out of games, drawing pads, and have flat worn out the portable DVD players, and me! Now...they pick fights. That's entertaining, right?
road trip

Izzie, middle child {wamp wamp wamp} apparently has nothing better to do than to find interesting ways to become noticed. Drama Queen. Her new favorite? State falsehoods. What is that you say? Being a doober! Izzie will, mid-conversation, suddenly state that the grass outside the window is blue. Yep. That's right. Complete and utter lie. Who cares, you may be thinking? Why would she do that? Because MAGGIE cares!

Maggie, first child {wamp wamp wamp} will melt at the first inkling of something false. She thrives on truth, memorization, and basically being right. She will freak out!!! You know the kicking, screaming, thrashing, mom-Izzie-is-saying-things-that-aren't-true kind of freaking out. She will not cease until all is right with the world defense of that poor GREEN, not blue, grass.

Izzie, she could care less what the correct name is for the color of the grass. She is enjoying life, cruising along on her road trip, laughing to herself over the free entertainment she has created for herself.

Jamin, youngest child {wamp wamp wamp} doesn't have a care in the world and, in between laughing at the girls squabble, is making sure his own juice cup is topped off.

Our Godly-parenting solution? "Maggie, who cares?!? Is Izzie right? No. Does it matter? Not really. She knows she's wrong, you know she's wrong, we know she's wrong, she knows we know she's wrong. Your screaming at her doesn't change any of that. Hush."

Hmmmm, interesting. God always teaches me intriguing things when my kids are being annoying boogers.

Same Sex Marriage...or any controversial topic for that matter,
some of you may already see where I'm going with this...maybe I don't need to explain...

Drama filled trips with my littles is almost as fun-filled as watching adults create drama out of literal thin air on Facebook...not!

"But they're wrong & its a sin!"

Christians, who cares?!?

Are they right? No. {based on scripture alone not your stinky opinion}

Does it matter? Not really. {God's opinion & record of wrong is the only thing that matters}

They know we believe its wrong and a sin.
You know we believe its wrong and a sin.
They knows we know we believe its wrong and a sin.

Is your screaming, ranting, protesting, changing profile pictures AT them really gonna change any of that? <Tweet This>

Setting up "battle lines" is pure silliness and is accomplishing nothing but making sure everyone in the "car" knows we know we're "right". Battle lines imply we're in a war and we are, but not against the people picking fights with. {We wage war not against flesh and blood 2 Corinthians 10:3-4} We are not soldiers defending God either. I mean, really...He doesn't need defending and by bwahahaha.

We are actually messengers of his grace and goodness. {2 Corinthians 5:20 says, "Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God."}

We have escaped the prison of sin and death, and now are assigned the rescue mission of aiding the POW's still captive.
The problem comes when the POW fires at us. They don't realize they're a prisoner, and they view us as a threat coming to do them harm. When we "fire back" at them, we've drawn up battle lines that we shouldn't. We are to continue to plead with them to come to Christ (to escape the prison that is sin).

It would just be mean of us to stand outside the prison taunting them with picket signs announcing their captivity.

Attempt rescue missions. That's all we can do. Debating never changes a point of view. Debates just keep points: a record of rights and wrongs.  If we love, viewing everyone as a friend to be rescued, the mission will change our tactics.

This week, of what should be reflection, lets reevaluate which team are we are standing with. Team Jesus: meekness, humility, love, truth. OR Team Me: aggressiveness, defense, pride and boasting in the name of "truth" which comes out, not as love, but hate? The chose is yours. And no, you don't have to wear the t-shirt.

If this post resonated with you and/or know someone who needs to hear, not all who call themselves Christians are tools, please share.
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I got my FIX

Guess What Came Last Thursday!?!


In the midst of all the craziness going on in our lives, who has time to shop? Especially if you loath the idea of squeezing your chubby body into cute-in-the-picture clothes while in a tiny box where you will inevitably cry in dissatisfaction. Not me! I would prefer do this at home. At least with my daughter watching and attempting to snap pics with my camera phone in the comfort of my own {borrowed} home, I can be easier to identify the laughable moments when my get stuck inside the cute shirt that doesn't quite fit right.

Any how...That's neither here nor there. I want to tell you about a cool thing I found online via another blogger friend. {not getting paid for the review...unless someone wants to chip in. bahahaha}

Stitch Fix



  • Before you get the shabby chic box shown above you need to go to and "Get Started".
  • They will have you create an account, fill out a "style profile". This is an in depth way for you to tell them what you usually wear, what you would like to wear, fashion you like/don't like {detailed!}, sizes and so on. So cool!
  • Then you will choose a "fix date". That means, the date you'd like them to deliver you "fix"- a box of 5 handpicked items that "your stylist" chooses for you to try. Fun, no??
  • When your adorable packaging comes, Here's How It Works:
  1. Discover what's in your fix
    Try on all goodies in your "Fix". Mix and match with items you already have to see if you like them, if they fit, if they go with what you already own. They even give you cute little "reference cards" with each items for how to where them different ways. Nice for those {like me} who don't care about fashion.
    IMG_2371 IMG_2374 IMG_2375 IMG_2376 IMG_2377 IMG_2379
  2. Decide what you're keping and what's going back
    Take 3 days to decide which items you'll keep and which you'll return. They give you a package with shipping already paid so you can load the bag with items you're sending back and slip it directly into any mailbox. If you're keeping it all then no shipping is required.
    Just so you understand I'm not crazy & so you can see my 4-year-olds mad camera skills, here are the items I recieved...on: These are the items "my stylist" chose and sent to me.
    My Fix
  3. Check Out online
    Go right back to and "complete your return survey". This is another cool way they find out how better to choose items for you. Tell them pros & cons about each item, if your keeping/returning, and then pay for what you are gonna add to your closet. You can even schedule "monthly fixes". Even for a girl who doesn't linke shopping, this was pretty fun!
    They were all so cute...but just not me. They're adorable in the pic, like the colors {okay} but I look like a goof and just can't pay the pretty price tag.

For me, there were only a few things I didn't like about my "Fix". I was excessively {if not finatical} about telling them I'm a modest and comfy girl. I know those two things mean completely different things to Everyone but I personally just didn't like that the only pants I got were leggings, both button downs were nearly see through, and one of them had very low cut button line. My other issue was, even among the section where they ask, "How much would you ideally spend on items in each of the following categories? We'll do our very best!" the lowest numerical option is "$50-100" then it just says, "the cheaper the better"...of Course I chose "the cheaper the better" but 2 of my items where $59.99 and 3 where 69.99. WAY out of my price range. I am heart pressed to spend $25 on jeans and rarely spend $20 on a shirt. I know, I know. That's crazy. But even had these items been $30, I might have considered them.

All in all, Stitch Fix was a really cool experience! I would possibly consider doing it again if I needed a special outfit for a VERY special occasion. Which you can specify, by the way!

Have you tried it? Tell me about your experience!!!!

NOTE: I do get $25.00 in credit when my 
friends get their first Fix using my links.

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Make a Mini General Lee {Thoughtful Thursday}

Thoughtful Thursday a weekly series on

I think every child should get to ride around in a Little Tikes car {or some version of} at some point in their childhood. How fun is it to pretend you have miniature versions of adult things. Pretend kitchen? Dress-up clothes? Car!

My in-laws gave our children a brand new cozy coupe a couple years ago. They LOVE it! In our current house, there is plenty of room to ride it indoors. They take turns riding or pushing the car around the giant loop in our home. When my little boy became old enough to drive the little tikes car around my husband had a dream of making him a special man car . . .any ideas what he had in mind?

Find out how my sweet man made THIS and put a smile on my lil man's face over on the Homemaker's Challenge!


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My Magdalene

She's almost 5.

297_508415366137_6354_n 4618_516000330807_6256885_nIMG_1413

She sits in a boaster seat now. She can so gracefully strap herself in. She adjust the air vents and opens the back window, not because its hot but because she can reach them.

She walks on her toes. Barefoot. Dressy shoes. Boots. Tennis shoes. Flip flops. It doesn't matter. Always on those toes. So eloquent as she enters a room.


She's a little ball of muscle. Twisting and turning. Flipping and climbing. and again, on her toes All The Time.

She speaks so clearly. Telling stories with such seriousness you'd think she was a tween already. Everything so intense.


She can count to 100. She can count by ones. She can count by 5s. She can count by 10s.

She can read all the letter forms of numbers up to 20. Sounding out each letter. She can identify numerous signs, symbols, and logos but the sounding out is new.


She can write her name. She can write everyone in our family's name. The can do copy work; copying letter for letter a sentence I've written for her, usually a story all her own.


She can carry on a conversation with adults and babies alike. Learning new vocabulary and teaching what's she's memorized.

Her siblings adore her. She convenes them to listen to her and they learn.. She fight with them from the back seat, guarding paper-page books against tiny fingers. She passes out breakfast and snacks.


She loves her daddy! She chats to him as soon as he walks in the door. She snuggles in his lap to read stories. She goes on dates with him.


Mags. Maggie. Magnadoodle. The sweet Magdalene Reece. My snugly, big girl, huge-hearted helper.

The growing to be a disciple of Jesus, Madgalene Reece Rothacher.


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