5 Days of Organizing Kids Toys into Centers: Quiet Centers

So, I have NO idea why I chose to try and tackle all these centers together today. There is so much more than what I can provide in one readable post but here goes...

I labeled these quiet centers although, that's not always the case. For instance: Reading allowed very animated can be not so quiet but will encourage a LOVE for readings well as being overly engaged in crafting can be come quit rowdy and fun at times!

Reading Center

We currently have a single book shelf that houses all of our children's book {except a small basket of "bed time" books and Bibles in the girls bedroom}. I have them sorted according to age-appropriate by height {unfortunately my ~18 month old can almost reach the top shelf}. I have the baby books {ie board books with mainly pictures} on the bottom shelf accessible to all ages but most enticing to the youngest {shortest}. THe middle shelf has more board books that contain more words {needing longer attention span} and are reachable by all kids. The top shelf has "real page" books/paper back books as well as books with pop-ups, or pieces that would be better read by an older child or with help. Having access to books builds a love for reading. They feel more like toys or privilege and not an assignment or chore. This center developes a love of words, encourages motor skills, thinking skills, reading comprehension, as well as the ability to sit still building on attention span. "The number of words one knows as well as the depth of understanding of those words is related to the ability to think."

I couldn't find a simple way to summarize the importance of reading so I've added links to some articles about reading at an early age:
10 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your Kids
What is the importance of reading to a child?
Another article on Ten {more} Important Reasons to Read to Your Child

That may sound complicated but we basically group like things together to help my children know where to find things, where to put them away, and makes it easier to have them play with few things at once cutting down on mass chaos in the playroom.

Art Center

Art is a basic component in early childhood education. It is recognized as both a fundamental and distinctive way of knowing. Art is important nonverbal language: a system of symbols that emerge from children's drawings.

Art can be a way to express feelings, develop socially, as well as physically {large and small motor development}, develop sensory learning, visual perception, spacial intelligence and left brain-right brain.


The art and Playdough supplies are on the top shelves because I don't yet allow my kids to do these things without supervision or at least permission. We do these while the "baby" is napping. There are infinite numbers of how this center develops creativity in children as well as motor skills through working with the Playdough, steering scissors, maneuvering glue, paper and other supplies, and yielding writing utensils.

Okay, I have to stop here. This series may take me longer than 5 days ;o)

This is day 3 in this series. Monday was: 5 Days of Organizing & Cleaning TOYS into Centers: Selecting and Tuesday 5 Days of Organizing & Cleaning TOYS into Centers: Dramatic Play.

See you the rest of the week for:

Thursday: 5 Days of Organizing & Cleaning TOYS into Centers: Reading
and the finale on Friday: 5 Days of Organizing & Cleaning TOYS into Centers: Sanitizing

edited repost

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  1. Great ideas! We have a reading center in our living room that my daughter loves!

    BTW, I finally posted my Liebster award post. Thanks for the nomination! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! It’s so sweet to see little ones snuggle up with a tiny book!
      I am excited to head over there and read it! You are very welcome!

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