Living Room: Organization {Settled In September}

Wednesday, we talked about “Big Betsy” and that fun process. One of my favorites thus far by the way.

Today I wanna talk about the seemingly eternal process of organization… I love organization but I hate the “it gets worse before it gets better” truth!

Organization Gets Always Gets Worse Before it Gets BetterToday I'm going to share the four general areas of organization in our living room that keep it functional and uncluttered while storing sooooo much!

1. Blankets

  • Throw Blanket StorageAfter getting rid of our giant coffee tables, I was very aware of just how many throws we have. Don’t get me wrong, we prefer to keep our house cool year-round and not all of guests are cool with that so it’s convenient to have lots of choice for our frigded friends. I chose to get rid of several, store some in the newly emptied guest closet, one on the back of the couch and others folded and stacked under our up-cycled end tables.

2. Movies/Entertainment Center Organizing the Entertainment CenterOrganizing Movies

  • Our awesome entertainment center, the only piece we bought when we got married we haven’t gotten rid of, has crazy amounts of storage. The only reason I haven’t replaced it. It has these really cool drawer door things that slide out with shelves upon shelves for movies. They are large enough for VHS or DVDs. We have gotten rid of all our VHS but have tons of movies and TV series because we don’t have TV in our house.
  • One drawer is full of nothing but grown-up movies organized by rating. The more grown-up rating the higher the shelf. The opposite door it full of our TV series.
  • The 2 bottom drawers are full of kids appropriate movies {which are taking over and may likely needed on of the larger drawers after Christmas this year}. We placed them down low for easy kid access.
  • We removed the top part of the TV console door so we could keep our DVD player open to the remote as well as open to replacing movies easily without having to open and close the glass doors all the time.
  • The glass door storage are just full of more decorative items like picture frames {imagine that} and scrapbooks.

3. Games Game ClosetGame Closet shelf break down

  • This hall linen closet works great for our stockpile of games. Having everyone’s extra bedding in the room it goes with as well as only enough towels that would neatly store under the cabinets in the each bathroom saved us this closet for just such storage.
  • We organized these similar to our moives. The more mature the game the higher the shelf. I also stacked them for easy access otherwise no one would want to play a game much less put it back wehre they go it.
  • Things like cards or card games went into a big ben on the floor. Theres not way those jokers were going to stay on the slotted wire shelving.
  • We also have an upcycled wipe container for “Missing Pieces” because, let’s be honest, there are always random dice, cards, or figures/paws for random games. When you get that game out next time, you’ll know exactly where to look for that missing piece.
  • 4. Craft Supplies Big Betsy Craft Storage & Organization
  • This was the biggest organization undertaking in the living room.
  • "My name is Julie and I am a craft crap hoarder." I know its illogical but you never know when you’re going to need 10+ round cardboard pieces from frozen pizzas for making…something. If it helps any, this was at Least 8 years of collecting that was unorganized so I had no real count on the amount of craftiness I had stocked up- hence the nearly 30 glue sticks. {blush}
  • You can see the pictures above of how I ended up breaking down and sorting our craft tools and supplies.

Organization {basically}: sorting into like things.

I hope you enjoyed today's peak into our living room organization! See ya next week for "eating spaces" {i.e. dinning room and kitchen}!

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