Jules Who?

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ named Julie Rothacher
about pic squarewho has been happily married for 9+  years to my sweet, godly and endlessly loving hubby, Matt!IMG_2865

We have 4 fearfully and wonderfully made babes:
Ester 2013 Family Picture

Magdalene (Maggie, Mags, Magnadoodle, etc), Isabella (Izzie, Iz, IzzieRu, etc), Benjamin (Jamin, J, J-man, etc),
and one on the way, Elizabeth {Ellie, El, EllieRay} all of whom you will hear TONS about here.


Magdalene Reese is 5-years-old and can't learn enough. Maggie will be starting home {pre}school last August {'12}. Mag's favorite pass time is creating art...of any kind! Magnadoodle enjoys a nice cup of chocolate milk and fruit snacks!


Isabella Ruth is 3 & 1/2-years-old and is none stop silly. Izzie is super vocal and loves a good round of slap-stick comedy. Iz knows what she wants and will put up a good fight for it. Izzie Ru's favorite pass times are swinging, playing "fam-a-wee", and munch'n on ANY snacks!


Benjamin Ryan is 2 & 1/2-years-old and is super active. Jamin is full out running, climbing, and dancing these days! J enjoys tests my parenting skill to no end at the table with his chipmunk imitations. J-man loves all things water and can be found almost any morning heading straight for his superhero Little People.IMG_8404

Elizabeth Rae arrived in December and is rounding out our family nicely. Ellie is not very active but seems to be observing and memorizing everything! El makes her presence known by screaming the few times she desperately needs something. Ellie Rae loves late nights and is the only one of our babies who seems to "have her days and nights mixed up" but is learning quickly to sleep at night.


They'll melt your heart with their huge smiles and personality!!!

Here are a couple other kids that melt my heart and you'll hear about often: Anna {my niece age 8.5} and David {my nephew 7}:


Cousins: everyone's 1st best friends!


Pray you enjoy hearing about my family as much as I like sharing about them!
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