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Have you been hanging around watching where Jules is going and thinking, "That's where I think I'm going." or "Hmmm, I bet the other people who read this would really like to know what I've learned about _____" or have a fun project you know I'd LOVE?
YES?!?! I think you might be the perfect candidate to submit a guest post to as Jules is going? If you think you might be interested, I would LOVE to have you share here on my tiny corner of the net!

Here are a few guidelines to help you know what I am looking for and how you can sending me your posts:

Post should be on the topics of:

  • Help-meet
  • Homemaker (DIY, Decor, Recipes, etc)
  • Mommy
  • God and His awesomeness in your personal life
  • Encouragement of any kind is always welcome!
  • Church Planting & the DeChurched {fairly new subject matter}

The highest traffic finds my site for DIY projects/how-to posts as well as articles on contemporary/controversial Christianity topics.


  • I've found that people enjoy reading posts around 400-700 words (keeps it quick but full of content) but if you've got lots of great content we may consider turning it into a series.
  • I only want original posts (i.e. not published elsewhere but here).
  • Every post should have at least one high quality, pinnable photo. I love an original/personal photo but if you're not the photographer in the family you can find a "public domain" pic that fits your subject just make sure you site where you got the the image if not yours.
    (I am all about some integrity! PLEASE don't go stealing pics a compromise my rep. If you need assistance finding an image just let me know.)
  • I only want topics that will relate to the largest percentage of my readers.
  • Links to your personal blog would be awesome {especially in the bio}.
  • Demographic based on Jan-Nov 2012 {top 10 of 101 countries who have visited}:
  • Please do not include any affiliate or business/product links without prior arrangements.



1. United States     91.46%
2. Canada                 3.11%
3. United Kingdom  .92%
4. Australia               .90%
5. India                       .32%
6. Germany               .27%
7. Not Set                  .25%
8. Philippines          .24%
9. Italy                       .12%
10. Mexico                .12%

If you're a blogger:

  • The easiest way for me to publish your post is for you to send your entire post to me in html format.
    Just draft your post in your blog with all the pics, bios, links, head shot, etc. then, copy from your html tab and paste in the body of your email to me.

If you're NOT a blogger:

  • I don't think you have to have your own blog to share your thoughts on the net so don't think you're left out!
  • The easiest way for me to publish your post is for you to type that joker up in Word, insert pics and everything else, copy and paste it into an email and shoot it too me. It may be a little more work on my part but if it's a great story, subject, or just plain good content I'll work with ya!
  • Send posts to jules {at} asJulesisgoing {dot} com.


  • I {bahahaha, my HUBS} will edit for grammatical errors and then I will format your post to fit the style of as Jules is going.
  • I will email you when I schedule your post to let you know the date I will publish it as well as a link so you can share it with your readers/friends.
  • It would be super cool if, on the day your post is scheduled, you share an excerpt on your blog the day the post goes live. If you're not a blogger, tweeting or Facebooking about it would be awesome as well! PLEASE don't copy and paste from your post. The net likes it better if you write a short summary/teaser with a link to the full post on as Jules is going.


  • I welcome all posts to be submitted but I cannot guarantee that your post will be published. I am very guarded about what I share with my readers and guest posts will only be published based on if the post fits with the overall mission and theme of as Jules is going.
    No advertising, please unless prior arrangements have been made (including affiliate links).

Where to Send Submissions:

  • You can submit your posts any questions you might have to jules {at} asJulesisgoing {dot} com.

Can't wait to hear from you!!!

If you are more interested in guest posting for advertising purposes, check out the Advertising section and/or the as Jules is going Media Kit.

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