Sentralized 2014

Sentralized 2014

My hubs, Matt and I went to an amazing conference this past week. He's attended before and we've been journeying through the paradigm of missional living. You've likely hear be bumble through trying to share what that means and how its fleshed out but this group of people helped me hear in new language and see it through practical living. I just want to start sharing with you some of those things {guess that's a good place to jump back on the blogging-wagon, ehh}. Today though, I just want to tell you a little about Sentralized, the conference we attended, and the foundational verse this years gathering was focused on.

You’ll use the old rubble of past lives to build anew,
rebuild the foundations from out of your past.

You’ll be known as those who can fix anything,
restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate,
make the community livable again.

Isaiah 58:12 MSG

Sentralized is designed for anyone who calls him or her self a Christ follower. It's the perfect learning opportunity for pastors, church planters, individuals, and teams of church members that are working through the issues and ideas of missional living, learning, and leading.
First, we believe there is a need to continue to bring clarity to the missional conversation.
Second, we want to ensure the missional conversation moves beyond theory.

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Swingset Bonding #siblinglove

Do any of you ever watch Parenthood?

Swingset Bonding

I'm so sad its starting its last season this Thursday. One of my favorite things about the show is the real life conversation. Everyone kind of interrupting one another, anticipating what the other is going to say, naturally blending conversations rather than just producing their lines. If makes it feel real. Although their lifestyle isn't one I wish for my children, there are some aspects o I love. One of which being the sibling love!

I love watching my children interact with one another. Having their own conversations. Each opinion oozing out of very different personalities. Sometime agreeing on things we've taught them or better yet, teaching each other things they've been taught.

One of my favorite things we own is this awesome swingset. I've wanted a nice yard and swingset for a long time. I remember being a kid and spending tons of time outside tipping over our metal swingset. lol

We set up the swings so I could easily see them out the kitchen window. I'm sure my friends are tiered of seeing seemingly the same pictures of my kids on the same ol' swings but I love it!!! It makes my heart so happy to watch them just sing'n and swing'n. Taking turns and pushing one another. Melt. Your. Heart.

Although it makes me nervous some times when I'm not supervising their every interaction, making sure its appropriate, I think it helps my children learn one another. Learn how they work as individuals and {wait for it} a sibling unit. I want them to have a beautiful love-hate relationship within their own little world. One that will outlast their parents. One like the Braverman clan, where weekly interactions aren't too much, knowing the innermost functions of each separate family yet how they work together, and that in a moments notice, they all know they can be celebrated, mourned, or advised at the drop of a hat.


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Begin {Five Minute Friday}

Begin. Beginning something new for me is always exciting. Some times it's hard. Some time it is just fun. Some times it is planned and other times is just...happens.


Furniture started as a fun side hobby I was enjoying. I sold a couple pieces and we realized it could help up get to our vehicle savings faster so we upped the production. lol

I'm usually a very planned person. I feel more comfortable, confident, and calm when things are researched, thought-through, and weighed appropriately.

I love lots of things I've been a part of in years past, including but not limited to writing. I LOVE writing. It's calming. It helps me work through things I need to think about. Keeps me focused. Gets things out of my head and out of my way so I can go on and be more productive.

So why is it so hard to come back here and jump back in?

I have a million thoughts started. Part of me is nervous to finish the thoughts. Nervous I'm not going to state my thoughts correctly. Nervous I'm not going to have the "right" thoughts/opinions on a certain topic. Nervous I'm going to offend someone. Nervous I'm going to have to back peddle and retake missteps.

So, here I am. On a Saturday night, trying to write for just 5 minutes to get back on the horse. See ya again in a few when I climb back up here for the next ride if I don't get bucked off and badly injured ;)

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Organizing You Home for Homeschooling with Lots of Littles

Having a set routine and knowing what do expect can help you feel at ease when the time comes to organize things like curriculum, supplies, and other clutter like toys.

Organizing You HOME for SCHOOL with Lots of Littles

I am so new at this homeschooling thing that I'm pretty sure I've come up with a new system every year. I'm sharing this years plan for organizing curriculum, supplies, and toys over at the Homemaker's Challenge. Head on over and see if I've lost my mind and will be changing to a new system yet again next year or if it's an okay idea that might help you get started. :D

Soon, I'll be talking about organizing our lives for homeschooling.

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Five Minutes Finally

I want to write. I want to say something worth saying but some days my mind doesn’t get past the mundane of the day’s chores in the silence of nap time. Other days it soars with thoughts that surpass the diaper filled trash. Thing I want to shout through the waves of the net but alas, the time doesn’t come.

So, tonight, with the time AND too many thoughts to compile, I gave myself 5 minutes. Five minutes where I begin learning to write again. Typing down thoughts. Organizing words. Trying not to focus on what needs to be shuffled together for tomorrows day 3 of the Rothacher Academy but focus on shuffling my love of words on the lines of an empty post page.

Things I’d love to share about and maybe soon will:
tons of furniture redeeming
ministry thoughts
TV shoes
homeschooling, with a baby, with 3 different grades, with different learning methods
pets…and timing
budgeting, consignment shopping, grocery/menu planning
goals, priorities, stress, perseverance, and quitting

Night ;)

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