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Want-To, the Key to Learning

This makes me so happy!!! I will spell things all day long for this child.

She is a strong willed learner, meaning she only learns if and when she wants to or sees a need. This entire school year she has fought me about learning letters. She would either pretend not to know certain ones or refuse to memorize them. I have been so nervous that she would struggle through school, especially since this was still her attitude finishing preschool/first semester of kindergarten.
Since being "out of school for summer" she has been begging me to spell all kinds of things with a little help from the alphabet reference on their preschool table. She pauses a little with a couple letters still but figures them out on her own. She makes menus for plea parties, birthday cards, and lots of random signs right now.
On the way home from camp the other day, Mags ask to finish the last two pages of her chapter before napping. When she had finished u looked back to see Izzie had snagged one of her two books and was flipping page to page. I ask her to put it down and nap to which she responded, "I'm almost finished with this chapter." I LOVE that she is finally developing a love for books and reading!

I am constantly nervous that I'm gonna screw up this educating-my-children thing and then God goes and shows me that He is bigger. I know that statistics, methods, standards, values, quality, quantity, and so on seem to be fluid or set in stone depending on who you ask so being a "homeschool mom" can be stressful. God continues to show me I'm doing exactly what He wants in this season and my children are fearfully and wonderfully made; each in their unique way, specifically designed to show yet another marvolous aspect of Himself.

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House of Mercy

I have been following an amazing women who is chasing after the heart of God. Through her "YESes"  God birthed an so many other yeses and The Mercy House.


The Mercy House is a series of homes in Kenya that support teen girls who have become pregnant due to being forced into prostitution to support their families.

The Mercy Shop is a "global marketplace". The amazing products sold in this shop are made by empowered women thanks to the Mercy House. Women are engaged through Kenyan maternity homes and employment through "Fair Trade Friday" which is in more than 15 countries all around the world. The artisans who create the items in this shop are some of the most oppressed and impoverished in the world, from Kenya to Ethiopia to refugees relocated to the United States. They are paid more than a fair wage and empowered by purchases.

You're going to be hearing a more about the Mercy House and Fair Trade Friday but if you'd like to go ahead and start shopping the Mercy Shop, subscribe to the box OR earring club, or just getcha a trial box you can. 😉 I'll let ya know what's in MY box real soon.

When you purchase from the Mercy Shop, you are supporting these young mothers and their children. Fair Trade Friday is a monthly subscription club that delivers 3-4 fair trade surprises in your mailbox but there are also one time boxes sold as a great way to try out the club.

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