3 Practical Ways to Mobilize Aid After a Natural Disaster

Our community was recently smacked by a tornado. You might have heard about a couple little towns in the center of Arkansas, Mayflower and Vilonia? Yeah, that's us. Some of you reading this probably live in around our communities.

3 Practical Ways to Mobilizing Aid After a Nature Disaster

3 years ago, a massive but still smaller than this year's, tornado took nearly the same path through Vilonia.

As I tried to sift through the remains of my friends' home all I could think was, "How do these people know what to do? How do they know how to clean up rubble?"

After finally braving the question, I learned a few practical thing that I think might be helpful for others trying to come to the aid of those who have survived a disaster like this. I shared these three simple helps over at the Homemaker's Challenge Wednesday if ya wanna test'm out.

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This Year’s Love Note Stations

If we are friends on facebook or you hang out on the as Jules is going page, you may have seen our "love note station" hard at work. Mainly by my 5-year-old who loves crafting along with her new found skills of reading and writing.

Love Note Station

Today I am sharing the basics of how we set up our station. Come check it out on the homemaker's challenge.

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How-to “Take Them a Meal”

Do any of you have friends having babies? Coworkers losing loved ones? Family sick or loosing their jobs? Sometimes the holidays can just be hard. We all know providing a necessity, like a yummy meal, during times like these can be the best ways to help and comfort. We also know that lots of well meaning people can be overwhelming and disorganized when trying to all help and comfort the same people.

How-to Use Take Them A Meal

Today, I'm sharing one of my FAVORITE online FREE find on the Homemakers Challenge! Sneak on over and hear how to use "Take Them a Meal", a free online organization tool that's so easy to use for facilitating such a ministry.

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Decorating for FALL!

Maybe Fall is here to stay...inside my house it is anyways.

We LOVE Fall

My family loves the cooler weather after a scorching Arkansas summer.

We love cook outs. We love football {more the social aspect ;) }. We love the coming holidays. We love dressing up and being silly for Halloween. We {mainly I} love getting to change up my house to make it feel all warm and cozy with different decorations.

Check out the entire post on the Homemaker's Challenge today! It has tons of pics and FREE PRINTABLES!!!!

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The 3 Basics of Hosting a Block Party

Does anyone remember the 4th of July Block Party scene from the 90s movie Sandlot? Epic! The atmosphere of an entire community celebrating together, awe.

We may not have been able to create the same magical scene but as part of our attempt to minister to our new community we have been hosting block parties. Minus the "some-mores", our church plant, the valley, hosted 3 different block parties in different neighborhoods this summer. These block parties were fairly inexpensive yet tons of fun! Most importantly, they were easy to host. Ours obviously were in the summer but fall, back-to-school, and football season are some great excused to hang outdoors with your community!

I'm sharing our 3 basics of hosting a block party over on Homemaker's Challenge today. FALL will be a Great time to host community events: bon fire, BBQ, or something else fall-esk! These ideas will help narrow the overwhelming idea of hosting a large group 😀

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