Feed My Starving Children

Hey friends! I would really love your help!

I, along with The Valley and Vilonia friends, have put together a team to take part in this amazing ministry. This is just a tiny way we can help make disciples of all nations for as little as $0.22. Not only is Feed My Starving Children gonna feed thousands of people, they are sharing the life saving gospel with them.

I know if your local, we are volunteering to help pack these meals as well but with out donations to pay for them we will be useless.

Please help us feed starving children! 22c pays for 1 meal.

My challenge to you?

  1. Consider who you're feeding
    • "Feed your children" -give 22c for every child you have.
    • "Feed your Family" -give 22c for every member of your immediate family.
    • "Feed your Friends" -give 22c in honor of your close friends
    • Round it up. You wanna feed 4 kids and that comes to .88c Go ahead and donate an even $1.oo
  2. Set a $ amount rather than a person amount.
    • Pass along your happy hour drink for the day -give $1
    • Skip eating out once -give $15
    • Swap a movie theater date for a red box one -give $20
  3. Be creative!
  4. Here is another way to look at possible gifts.

We need YOUR help in reaching our miniscule goal. Please give whatever you can afford. THANKS!

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