Happy 5th Birthday Magnadoodle!

Happy 5th Birthday Gorgeous!

Magdalene Reese Rothacher, you are my smarty pants.

We love your thoughtfulness, vocabulary, constant questioning {most days}, leadership, creativity, and impeccable way of caring on a conversation with adults!

We love you Maggie!!!

Magdalene Reese Rothacher2

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Do over or Did it right?

I was never the girl who had a secret binder of wedding plans so when I got engaged at the age of 19 I just winged.

bridal party pic

Without knowing the does and don'ts, the what's hot and what's not, or the faux pas' of weddingry I think we pulled off a pretty cool party...and I think I liked it better that way 😀

Bridal Party cake Hands and Flowers

Orange, lime Green, hot pink, turquoises, and yellow bridesmaid dresses! I always hated the idea of making someone uncomfortable in a certain make dress so I just handed out paint color swatches to each girls and let them pick the make and price. I LOVE who it turned out!


Matt of course knows who the best superhero in the world is and we had to make sure he made his appearance. From Matt's superman undershirt to superman holding his bride down to a superman brownie grooms cake. We had a personal wedding!

79_504480317007_9205_nGrooms cake

I plugged in as many friends and family as possible. No fire! Lots of balloons. Tons of bright color I loved. Incorporated gerbera daisies AND superman into our special day. I wouldn't ask for a do over, even nearly 9 years later!

The Rothachers thevalleychurch.org

How 'bout you?

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Valentine’s Day {party for PreK Homeschoolers!}

What's not to love about a holiday all about love?

I have fond memories of school day parties. You remember, back in the day when schools were allowed to throw a shindig for every holiday under the sun. Class lists were sent home, homemade treats were passed out personalized for each student, homeroom moms showed up and celebrated with their kids and fun games.

There have been a lot of positive changed in the past few years and some of those things are still happening. But since I plan to homeschool I don't have the chance to see if my kids are going to have the privilege of enjoying "party day" at school...I get to plan the party! Woot Woot!

Find our plans for "LOVE Month" on the Homemaker's Challenge today!

It includes pictures, ideas for teaching History, fun Foods, Crafts/Gifts/Surprises, and Activities, and some resource links as well!

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Family Halloween Costumes {Thoughtful Thursday}

If you last minute like we are some years, here are some cheap ideas or couple and family costumes!

Couple Costume Ideas:

The Incredibles

Black Face Paint
Red Off-brand Under-Armor Long Sleeve Shirts
Black Ladies Panties
Yellow Duct-tape
Red Tights
Black Boots
Printed logo on sticker paper

Family Costume Ideas:

Fireman, Firetruck, Fire-dog

Fireman: borrowed an actual fireman's outfit

Fire-dog: dalmatian costume cheap from Wal-Mart

Firetruck: Paint Cardboard Box like a firetruck
Cute a hole in the top large enough for the person wearing the costume
Cut small holes in the corners of the box threading twin through the holes
Knot twin inside the box at the length the person needs it
Wear solid colored clothing under as to not distract from the costume

Farmer, Farm-Dog, Prize-Winning-Pumpkin

Farmer: solid shirt under overalls with hubby's flannel over top- prego tummy simulates pot belly ;o)

Prize-Winning-Pumpkin: pumpkin costume borrowed from family friends

Farm-Dog: borrowed Awana Cubbie Bear costume
Safety pin fake fur from the Walley World cut into long floppy ears over the bear ears
Added a scarf to hide gap between head and neck of costume


Diet Coke Can: duct-tapped together 2 old banners
Loop the ends around 2 hoola hoops and duct-tape

Lady Bug: dalmatian costume cheap from Wal-Mart

Chicken Leg: brown sweat pants that fit and hubbies larger zip-up hoody stuffed with prego tummy and an extra pillow

Bag of Grapes: 2 clear 'gift bags' that are made to go over gift baskets
fill with green balloons
knotted together at the right length over shoulders {easy to remove if uncomfortable}
Solid colored clothing under costume as to not take away from actual costume.

"3 Little Pigs"

3 Little Piggies:
little girls: pink sweat pants under skirts
long sleeve pink shirt *either under another shirt or a shirt that already had pink sleeves hanging out

adult: pink leggings under shirt
Pink long sleeve shirt under another shirt

Everyone: Pink small triangles glued on larger triangle shaped ears hot-glued onto a headband
Foam cut into a spiral and pulled loose stitched to the booty of the skirts
Face paint on a pink noses

Big Bad Wolf: gray hoodie with gray foam triangle cut out ears stitched to the hood
flannel shirt over hoodie
overalls over shirt and hoodie with another foam cut out in the shape of a tale stitched on to the booty of the overalls
Face paint {or use mascara} on a black nose

Brick House: Red long sleeve t-shirt with bricks painted on with acrylic paint
Paint a roof on to a folded piece of cardboard safety pinned onto a stocking cap

Don't forget to take some fun pictures of your awesome costumes and print some prints, make a keepsake or even an entire scrapbook!


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Tutu Table Skirt (Sugar & Spice Baby Shower) {Thoughtful Thursday}

I told you last week I got to be apart of an awesome baby shower! The theme was "Sugar & Spice". We used hot pink and orange everywhere. It was so fun!!! I wanted to tell you about the fun tutu table skirt I got to make. I found the idea HERE on Pinterest. I wanted to show you how easy it was!

Supplies: {for a 12' round table}

  • 6 yards of white tulle
  • 3 yards of both orange and pink tulle
  • 12 feet of white ribbon
  • table-cloth hooks
  • lighter
  • scissors
  • some sort of measuring tool


  1. measure & cut white tulle into 2 inch strips
  2. measure, cut {quickly burn the end of the ribbon to prevent reveling}, & string up ribbon {easiest way I found to know tulle on}
  3. loosely knot each strip evenly onto the ribbon {this takes a crazy amount of time}
  4. space white tulle evenly across the entire ribbon
  5. go through and group a few strips so there is even spaces available along the ribbon
  6. cut the orange and pink tulle in 2 inch strips
  7. loosely knot colored tulle evenly across the ribbon placing several strips together to make the color bolder
  8. once all the strips are on the ribbon, move them around to even them out
  9. when decorating for the shower {or whatever event you'd like to use the tutu for}, stretch the tutu around the table, using the table-cloth clips, hook the tutu evenly to the table
  10. fluff, rearrange, cutesy up the skirt prior to the shindig {we also layered an orange-colored plastic table clothe under

Have you tried fun things off Pinterest? Do share!


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