Dear Amy Wilson Carmichael,

Dear Amy Wilson Carmichael,

I recently purchased several books in the series Christian Heroes Then and Now for our homeschool library. They do an amazing job giving life to the history of those whom God has used in our long line of Christian heritage. I was so thankful to see the book about you, Ms Carmichael was the first that wound up in my 9-year-old daughter's hands.

You see, I have dreams of how God will use the tiny humans he's put under my charge. I want to equip them for the tasks He has by giving them tools, relationships, and opportunity. These true tales of how men and women, chasing after God's own heart, have accomplished unthinkable things for their Lord is where it's at. Not for their fame, but for the aid of those less fortunate, in search of justice, in the name of mercy, and to do nothing but further His kingdom.

Your love for studying the Word, for teaching it to others, and caring for children is just what my girl needed to flame the fires God has started in her heart. Thank you for braving new world and being an amazing example for girls and women for centuries after you by simply spreading God's love as you were going. Thank you for humbly disciplining us, Amma!

Sincerely, Julie Rothacher

P.S. My daughter also let me know today that, even as a mother of over 100 girls and more than 80 boys, YOU always found time to write everyday. Challenge accepted. 

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