Five Minutes Finally

I want to write. I want to say something worth saying but some days my mind doesn’t get past the mundane of the day’s chores in the silence of nap time. Other days it soars with thoughts that surpass the diaper filled trash. Thing I want to shout through the waves of the net but alas, the time doesn’t come.

So, tonight, with the time AND too many thoughts to compile, I gave myself 5 minutes. Five minutes where I begin learning to write again. Typing down thoughts. Organizing words. Trying not to focus on what needs to be shuffled together for tomorrows day 3 of the Rothacher Academy but focus on shuffling my love of words on the lines of an empty post page.

Things I’d love to share about and maybe soon will:
tons of furniture redeeming
ministry thoughts
TV shoes
homeschooling, with a baby, with 3 different grades, with different learning methods
pets…and timing
budgeting, consignment shopping, grocery/menu planning
goals, priorities, stress, perseverance, and quitting

Night 😉

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  1. Five minutes at a time is a good way to go! I may try that myself… I am always beating myself up for not putting enough time into my posts!
    Rebecca D recently posted..Montana On My Mind…My Profile

    • Sadly another week has gone by and I haven’t forced myself to sit for 5 minutes to write again. 🙁 I feel like a junior high student, all awkward and confused poking my way around this site now. I hope I get real comfy again soon.

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