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I have looked for a world map for our homeschool room since we moved in. I want my kids to have firm grasp on the tough fact that the world does not revolve around them or even around the US. We are just a small part of all that God created {and the Earth being just a small part of all that}.

Here is the newest addition to our room:

New World Map in our School Room

I love the names of all the countries. Although it's not exact with boundaries outlines and such I really like the way they all seem meshed together while still identifying other countries and their general locations. This vynal wall art and is 64 inches by 39 inches which covers nearly an entire wall. <3

The mailing condition wasn't the most quality, 2 sticker sheets wrapped in bubble wrap and then a center clear wrap with the shipping label on it. It ended up having a natural bend down the middle due to regular ware and tear of shipment. Thankfully it didn't seem to damage the stickers.

2 giant wall sticker pages

The installation of the map was somewhat tricky. Although it's not a thousand little pieces/stickers, it was also not a single sticker making it slightly difficult to apply to the wall. There was no real rim or reason for the placement of the stickers on the 2 large sheets of wall stickers. It was sort of just chopped in any way to make sure it all got on to 2 pages. 

Template for adhereing the World Map Decal how-to adhere the world map decals

It also came with no instructions for the best way to adhere the world map to the wall. It did come with an image of how the map should look when it is complete but it was only about as big as a pencil, making it really difficult for my husband to read the smaller countries. Matt just kinda made up his own template to try to make sure it was centered where I wanted it on the wall. He also pulled up a larger image online and then used a level when applying each sticker to reassure their placement was correct.

the only direction is came with

The quality of the vynal map was as high as you can expect of vynal stickers. I am sure, in time, they will begin to peel away from our textured walls but for now, they look marvelous. When my oldest daughter 1st say it she ran up to feel it because she thought her daddy "painted all those word on there." I think it is a great addition to our school room!

Here's a look at our newest school room arrangement:

school room redo our school room redo World Map in School Room

map was compensation for an honest review of the product
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