Summer Snackage {Thoughtful Thursday}

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The other day I had sliced open a cantaloupe for my daughters' snack. After the melon was empty I was reminded of some kind of cute snack I'd seen on Pinterest or some other place that clever people post creative ideas. A melon filled with jello.

Cool. Maybe I had jello! nope. I had no jello. I did however have cheap popsicle...yep. I tried it.

Summer Snackage

I cut open about 10 unfrozen popsicle, I chose orange...because no one likes that flavor in our house. I pored them into 1/2 of the empty melon. I covered it in plastic wrap and set it in a flat-bottomed bowl and placed it in the deep freeze.

And here are pics of my kids eating it.

IMG_3903 IMG_3904 IMG_3905

Or at least trying to. It was kinda a flop. It tasted okay and was kind of like a slushy. But then I tried to slice up the cantaloupe it was wicked hard & I had to call on the strength of the hubs.

I was envisioning the kids eating it like watermelon or something but it was more like a slushy mess on a plate that required a spoon.

What was your newest inventive food? Did it Flop or Fly?

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