Chicken Casserole

This is more than a staple at our house! My husband would eat this at leastevery other day. As a matter of fact, when I told him I was gonna start recipe posts on thuRsdays, he said, "so...when ya make'n Chicken Casserole!?!" The original recipe comes from Katie Williamson; THANK YOU, you helped me make a happy hubby! We first made this dish together to take to a friend who had just had surgery back in ~2008.

2 cups cooked chx
1 can chx noodle soup
1 cup mayo (we use miricle whip)
1 jar pomintos (we omit)
1 cup diced celary (we omit)
1 tbs minced onion (we use pwd)
1 tsp lemon juice
2 cups cooked rice
1 sleeve crushed crackers (we use Ritz)

Mix all (-crackers) in a bowl or just in the casserole dish you'll bake it in the top with crackers after in cass. dish, cook ~30 min or until bubbly @ 350' then EAT!

This works great with several of these things made a head. I like to cook an entire bag of boneless skinless chx breast for ~1 hr @350'. Then I dice all of it (why dice? faster meals with preKs) and refrigerate so they're ready for up coming meals (i.e. chx cass, mex chx, crunchy garlic chx- recipes coming soon). I also use my handy-dandy chopper to crush several sleeves of crackers at once. I put 1 sleeve of crushed crackers in a plastic bag in the pantry (labeled) for later. I also make big batches of rice to store left overs in fridge and use for lots of dishes later (i.e. chx cass, stir fry, breakfast rice- recipes coming soon)

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Oster 3-in-1 Hand Blender

The Oster 3-in-1 Hand Blender is amazing and I use it at least 2 times a month. We originally bought this tool from Wal-Mart when looking for something cheap to make homemade baby food (uping the usage to more than 2x a week) for our 2nd child (after burning up our 1st one), ~2010. I now use this to chop/crush crackers, nuts, and cereal. I do big batches of these and store them in my pantry to make meal prep faster! It also assist in making baby food a snap!

*Note: I am not being paid for these recommendations/reviews but if you know how I can- bring it!

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Afternoon Snack

It's odd how bi-polar 2 days in the same week can be with a preschooler.

We are attempting to train our 3-year-old (on the 22nd- tear) to stay in her bed for naps. We have tried lots of methods but are currently weaning her off of the "parent sit in the room 'til she's alseep" method. My husband is about to leave for Super Summer AR for a week, I will be trying to anchor the ship while he's gone a week (I need my suitable helper!), and it will be impossible for me to sit for ~30 leaving the other babes (1.5-years-old and 5-6 months old) unattended. Ugg.
With that being said, yesterday went GREAT! She got up with a couple minor excuses but stayed in bed and went to sleep! Our afternoon was Be-A-U-tiful! Yummy shared snack of crackers, cheese, juice and DP (for me of course-we want her to sleep at night too ;O). Veggie Tale movie topped it off. Singing, bob'n heads, more crazy dancing, smiles, giggles, munch munch munch, and good old fashion goofiness- awe the Life!
TODAY- (pouty face) Not So Much! She slowly but surely lost all privileges for each sorry attempt at getting out of bed. This was supposed to be the funner day. My middle child was having a "Nanna Day" leaving me with just 2 sanely spaced in age children for the day. NOPE! Man, I don't get it. She finally passed out from excessive energy exertion she was putting forth in the battle of wills. WHY?
Well, we ended up having a lovely evening with a couple of friends because God's cool like that and there is always tomorrow... oh no, my hubs is gone all day tomorrow. Maybe it won't be all that bad. Practice for the week of Super Summer I guess.

*insert disclaimer: we have sought out, heard, and considered tons of advice from tons of source on this manner and as a couple, my hubs and I have decided she Does still Need a nap and we will work at making sure she gets one for her own good. It's not for my sanity; it would be a lot simpler to just let her run 'til she drops or something because it doesn't really give me a break. It's actually a little harder. She has a younger sister still taking 2 naps so they alternate awake time and the youngest is still working out his routine.

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