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Today... Oh today, Not unlike most days recently, was packed with...stuff to do.

Don't let my Instagram pics fool you!

To kick off the day right, guess what I had for breakfast!?! Did you say pancakes? Wrong. Did you say cinnamon rolls? Wrong. Did you say cereal? But I did have french toast the way, not the best ideas for portable on the road while you're the one driving food according to my hair, necklace, and shirt. Woops.

While working Duck Duck Goose from 9-4ish there were a few things that would have been nice:

  1. Chapstick,  that wind's a booger!
  2. Bigger bags of M&Ms for my lunch but the mini bags & some peanuts were great. Just glad it wasn't SPAM.
  3. Stain remover or even just a simple baby wipe for some of the nasty clothes that tried to sneak their way in, I for Real washed my hands All Day Long. lol
  4. Fewer of THESE and THESE and THESE singing, I mean, that makes it really hard to hear yourself talking to yourself all day.
  5. Gum curbed the hunger {btw: my boss is not a slave driver...I'm just a task oriented person & wouldn't leave to get anything}
  6. If any day was an allergy's nasal spray kinda should have been today. Hello
  7. Maybe next time I'll bring cookies...
  8. or maybe just the dough
  9. I have a wicked strong smeller. Maybe air freshener would be a good investment for the old building or
  10. maybe...for the stinky people.

After the fun of hanging out with working with sweet ladies all day, I ran home to help get ready for a family to come see our home {for the 3rd time! hopefully that's a good sign}. When I got home it was time to

  1. scarf the pizza I picked up on the way and then we were off...
  2. check to see if I needed refills for all the plug-ins already going
  3. Does anyone use these? I always thought they looks a lil nasty sitting in a window or on a counter but I guess they work well. I just through one away tonight after like at least a month.
  4. I didn't have time to do the carpets though {tear}
  5. or the windows, another day.
  6. Wiped down counters/tables
  7. I think Matt cleaned the kitchen and
  8. bathrooms and
  9. TOILETS {several times after #stomachbug2013- didn't know? Check out my twitter or Facebook}
  10. everywhere else while I was work'n 😀

Now, I'm off to upload a gazillion pics of this weekend's work in Vtow & The Valley! Woot!!!


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the value of an aJig point is approximately 
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