Life Eclipsed

Every time. Every time I think I've figured out our new normal and carved out a space for writing something changes it.

This past week? Our sweet "antman", foster friend has returned to our home. While he fits well in our family, we are still relearning his routine, naps, eating needs, etc. He's learned to go back to sleep at night after eating but is still waking a couple of times a night and I am the one whose brain doesn't seem to shut back off after getting up with him. Then my family had a birthday party for me, we headed out to watch the eclipse, did our big errand day, and did annual physicals for foster home rectification.

I am steadily trying to finish projects around our house before starting our homeschool year the first week in September. We had an unexpected remodel after some water damage to our flooring, so that started a crazy cycle of tearing things apart, taking things down, cleaning, rearranging, redecorating, cleaning, purging, yard selling, cleaning, and on and on. Technically we still haven't even finished the remodel {waiting to install the cabinets that are laying in our garage} but at least most of our house isn't in shambles anymore.

One of my projects has been to get our house back into working order. After having our entire living space in the house torn apart, and bedrooms and bathrooms covered in dust, this sounds like an easy task but has never-endd. If you've been around this blog or we're friends IRL, you know I LOVE pictures, so this means that I had to take down our entire collage wall in order to paint and then make decisions, which I'm super slow about, on how to rehang everything...oh, and I'm short and we have some tall ceilings, so this requires my hubs help and or a ladder.

Another project has been to plan our homeschool work/goals for the year. I have most of our stuff lined out in my planner for the year, including coop field trips and unit studies. BUT I don't have all the materials printed and sorted into folders yet. Hopefully I can get ahead somehow because I tend to get berried under life and then run out of time to prep leading us to miss the awesomeness I was hoping to do. I am pumped that we got to do a few of the fun things I had planned for the 2017 solar eclipse this past Monday. We were able to go as an entire family to a local water park where the library was handing out FREE solar glasses and we got to make memories watching something monumental. AND my kids thought this "school work" was fun!

And a final project is to actually tag our clothing consignment event items Before starting school even though the actual sale isn't until after we start. This way we can actually sell things this season; we've missed the last 3 season's sales which make a big difference in the amount of stuff we can buy. Good thing the kids are starting to wear clothes for longer stretches of time!

My spirits are being refreshed with uncharacteristically cooler weather this past week and in the coming weeks. This makes errand running, outdoor play, and working on projects that much nicer. Sadly, for central Arkansas "cooler weather" just means high 80s but I'll take it and try not to focus on the predicted nasty winter following shortly after this nice breeze.

So, what does this time of year look like for you? Do you drowned in life some days? How do you get ahead?

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