5 Days of Summer {little style}: Learning


We are a homeschooling family. Thus far we've only done preschool with Kindergarden starting in the fall. We tend not to do a real formal "school" day but instead just try making learning part of our daily routine {minus all the paper work}. I know this will change a little in the coming yer but let me encourage you to use Summer as a fun learning time for your littles.

Here are a few things we've already done and then some we are hoping to do soon.

Outside Educational Activities

5 Days of Summer- Learning

  • Zoo
  • Nature Walk
  • Animal Observation
    5 Days of Summer- Learning 'animal observation'
    5 Days of Summer...Learning- Animal Observation
  • Water Play
  • Parks
  • Learn new skills
    • swimming
    • ride a bike

Indoor Educational Activities

For more ideas for an educational summer, check out my Pinterest board,
"The Ones about Homeschooling"! There is also a blogger in this series devoting the entire 5 days to summer learning; check it out!

The rest of the week includes:

Monday-- 5 Days of Summer {little style}: Entertainment

Tuesday-- 5 Days of Summer {little style}: Food

Wednesday-- 5 Days of Summer {little style}: Rest

Friday-- 5 Days of Summer: Summary & a GIVEAWAY

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