$5 No-Sew Curtain {Thoughtful Thursday}

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All day long I squint and give myself a headache while trying to work in the kitchen. All that evil natural sunlight I love beams straight into my eyes at just the right angle. I don't want to block out the glorious light but I also want to be productive in the kitchen AND not spend a gazillion dollars along the way. The solution?

$5 No-Sew Curtain

$5.oo NO-Sew Curtain {kitchen valance}

  1. I saw this adorable fabric on a clearance end-cap last week at Target. When I picked it up hoping for it to be a kitchen valance I realized it was only a body-pillowcase. :/ THEN I realized, for $5 it would be totally worth it to try and make it into a curtain!
  2. You'll need a curtain rod {already had on above sink}, scissors, a needle and a pillowcase for a long body pillow.
    What you'll need to make a $5 no-sew curtain
  3. Unzip and flip inside out revealing the stitching.
  4. Make sure you are on same end, opposite the zipper.
    pull stitching using needle on the same side as the  zipper opening
  5. Using the needle, rip out stitching by gently sticking the needle under individual threads, starting about an inch from the top, and pull upward breaking the thread.
  6. Make the opening 2 inch long or big enough to fit your rod.
    pull stitching making about a 2 inch opening {to fit the rod}
  7. Flip pillowcase right-side out, sticking any fly-away thread inward {into hole}.
  8. Insert your rod through the new opening you made straight through to the zipper size.
    Flip pillowcase right-side out and insert rod through the new opening you make all the way through to the zipper size then close the zipper all the way up to the rod
  9. Close the zipper all the way up to the rod.
  10. Look at the crisp him...someone else made for you. lol
    Look at the crisp him...someone else made for you. lol
  11. Straighten and or scrunch as desired.
  12. Enjoy your new, bright colored, cheery, cheap, sun-blocking curtain!

Enjoy your no-sew curtain

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  1. So cute & I love the fabric too! I need a new valance in the bath room… I may have to get creative too! 🙂
    Rebecca D recently posted..And The Winner Is…My Profile

    • It was super easy and I love the way it turned out! I couldn’t find any fabric I liked in valances {and definitely not for my kind of pricing} so this worked perfect.

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