Truth in the Tinsel Days 1-3

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Monday {Dec 3rd} we finally started our
Advent book, Truth in the Tinsel.

I printed all the days titles on green & red cardstock and stuck them in an advent calendar we already had. This may prove to be worthless. The kids aren't really into the count down like I thought they would but are LOVING the stories and crafts!

Monday Day 1:: Light {Isaiah 9:2-7}

Rather than skipping to day 3 we just started on day 1 an plan to double up tomorrow {since we had a house showing again today!!!}. Maggie acted perturbed that I was asking her questions she already knew the answer to, "Who is the light of the world". Ugg I have to remind myself she'll have to persevere because the other 2 don't memorize things like she does and haven't' heard it as much as she has. She is a whole 18.5 months older than Izzie and 30.5 months older than J {hehe} I run into this with lots of things. homeschooling is gonna be rough if I don't get the hang of this...

Tuesday day 2:: Kingdom {Isaiah 9:2-7}

Since we were finishing up some HIPPY preK work with Mags this was quite a feet tying to help the little bitties with their craft. We skipped the pain and went for a more classroom-full-friendly-version, markers, crayons, & stickers. We actually cute the silver sparkly trim off some other stickers into triangles {aka diamonds} for our crowns. They didn't know the difference.

AND day 3:: Zachariah {Luke 1:5-25}

They though it was funny we were making faces and that pour Zach wasn't allowed to talk. We can't get our glitter glue to function correctly so I had to take off the lid and just glob it on for them. We also {finally} through out the bubble wrap from a random package forever ago so we had to invent something else for Z's mouth- hot glue glob! Hey, I just claimed it was because not being able to talk was kinda like God "glued" his mouth shut. My 2 {almost 3} year old was able to recall most of the story to me. #winning We're having fun!

How is your Truth in the Tinsel coming along?

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