Begin {Five Minute Friday}

Begin. Beginning something new for me is always exciting. Some times it's hard. Some time it is just fun. Some times it is planned and other times is just...happens.


Furniture started as a fun side hobby I was enjoying. I sold a couple pieces and we realized it could help up get to our vehicle savings faster so we upped the production. lol

I'm usually a very planned person. I feel more comfortable, confident, and calm when things are researched, thought-through, and weighed appropriately.

I love lots of things I've been a part of in years past, including but not limited to writing. I LOVE writing. It's calming. It helps me work through things I need to think about. Keeps me focused. Gets things out of my head and out of my way so I can go on and be more productive.

So why is it so hard to come back here and jump back in?

I have a million thoughts started. Part of me is nervous to finish the thoughts. Nervous I'm not going to state my thoughts correctly. Nervous I'm not going to have the "right" thoughts/opinions on a certain topic. Nervous I'm going to offend someone. Nervous I'm going to have to back peddle and retake missteps.

So, here I am. On a Saturday night, trying to write for just 5 minutes to get back on the horse. See ya again in a few when I climb back up here for the next ride if I don't get bucked off and badly injured 😉

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