Dear Young Pastor’s Wife,

For years, I've been searching for a blog, book, or just wise women who's been there, done that in the realm of being a pastor's wife. I have always come up short...until now.

Although I most often have nothing to offer in the way of wisdom, I do understand that God sends us through certain things and wants us to share them with others. I have always longed for "older women" to invest in me. I understand none of them are perfect but it would be nice to hear the successes and failures of their life.

Soooo, here I am, through one of those random connections in life, I am now sharing my successes and many failures by participating in something I've searched for nearly a decade: A blog devoted to encouraging, challenging, and supporting one another in this awkward life as a pastor's wife. Coincidence or Divine God thing? Yep- Divine!

Today, I'm over at A Common Bond sharing a letter to young pastor's wives that I think would have been helpful to me, years ago.

Dear Young Pastor's Wife

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