Finding Work-Ethic & Generosity

One of the first "big" movies my kids fell in love with was Finding Nemo. It was actually the first movie we took our girls to at the theater; when it came "back to the big screen" for a brief time.

Find Nemo {2012}

It was a no-brainer when they finally announced they were coming out with Finding Dory, our family would be budgeting to go for our summer movie! We told our kids when we found out that we were planning to take them. We even mentioned on occasion that we were budgeting or saving to take the entire family to the theater. I tell you all that so you understand my shock when my munchkins announce one morning, "We're making a band. We are gonna play for our friends and raise money."

That wasn't the surprise to me, they often discuss "selling" bracelets or snacks they've made or shows they want to perform. I was kind of proud because I've had to explain myself to them before. When I began buying furniture, refinishing it, and selling it for a profit they seemed to think I was stingy by asking for money rather than giving it away. I want my kids to be beyond generous, always be on the look out for ways to "share" what God has blessed us with. At the same time, I also want them to understand work-ethic. I want them to be hard-working adults. I want them to appreciate the hard work of others when paying for goods and services.

Finding Work Ethic & Generosity

Then I ask what they were raising money for... "Finding Dory movie tickets!" I held my tongue. I didn't remind them of our promise to take them. I let them continue in their giddiness about the creative gifts they wanted to use to joyfully earn money.

Soooo, back to the band thing. My kids dressed up in random, crazy clothes, asked me to draw on their faces, played pretend instruments all the while a CD player is off to the side blaring Seed Family Worship music. Silly kids! They practiced this lil bit in doors for a few songs and then took it on the road. Well, on our driveway near the side of the road to be exact. With an extension cord for CD player, make-shift {preschool chair and pillows} drum set, broom guitar, and plastic mic, my kids rocked their current favorite song, Do Not Be Anxious. Maggie acted as the manager, helping plan, setting up, and even taking pictures and advertising. Knowing very few people trek down our street in the middle of the day, I decided to at least share about their efforts by using the new "Live" Facebook feature. To my surprise, they got 700+ views, 70+ likes, 10+ comments, and 3 shares. Not only did our sweet neighbor come out but a friend in town came by to listen to and *support them. LOL

After such a fast response to their efforts, they decided this "earning money" stuff was quite enjoyable. The next day they wanted to have "some kind of lemonade stand." Since we only had grape kool-aid, we decided that would have to work. I was also cutting them watermelon for snack so I decided to help by balling up the rest of the watermelon for them to sell. Thinking we may need a bit more traffic, we head to The stop light in town to set up shop with our quickly grabbed supplies: end table, trays of watermelon balls in cups, empty plastic cups, drink dispenser of kool-aid, and homemade 1/2 sheets of poster-board signs.

Between their collaborative efforts and a total of maybe 2 hours, my kids raised ~$35. {crazy eyed shock} But it didn't stop there. Amazing friends who weren't able to come to the kids' "concert" or "lemonade stand" Sent. Money. WHAT!? My sis-in-law, my MIL hair dresser, a former neighbor, and a blogger friend of mine. God blessed their efforts in an incredible way.

When I realized they had beyond earned enough money for our entire family to go to the movies {especially if we did the planned matinee}, I sat the down to talk about how cool all of this was. After several conversations about God's goodness and generosity toward us, we tossed around a lot of ideas about what do do with the left over money. We all decided that our youngest siblings wouldn't handle the movie theater very well, we would still have TONS left over, and wanted foster kids, who might not otherwise have the chance to GO to the movies, to have the chance by sharing what God had blessed us with.

I'm so thankful that God is allowing me to see this kind of fruit in my kids. It MORE than makes up for the tough days and all the times I fail at this parenting thing. It really is true; the days are long but the years are short. I love that I get to be home with them, soaking up all of it, investing when I can, and always growing more myself.

Finding Dory {2016}

Finding Dory review coming soon: ie Tomorrow!
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