Happy BUMP Day

I have lots of bloggy friends who do What I Wore Wednesday & other Facebook friends posting hilarious pics of camels for Hump Day as well as update pics of their baby bumps. I decided to combine all those here for Happy BUMP Day!

I will try to update pictures of our sweet, fast-growing, Elisabeth Rae here. I am just now starting to take pictures of the baby bump...slacker! I haven't felt up to pics for the first trimester & 1/2 BUT I want pictures of her progress like I have for all my other little blessings so....
here's my sad version of what a real mamma wears on Hump Day with a baby bump 😉

Ellie: 20 weeks and 3 days


T-shirt: camp shirt from Super Summer AR "Bling Bling Friday"- the day all the staffers dress up

Shorts: Old Navy stretchy waistband athletic shorts

Flip Flops: Target on Sale 6+ years ago when we were in FL
{sorry, not pictured...took them off to climb on the cube in my bathroom I use to sit on to dry my hair & do my make-up so I don't pass out}

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