Happy Made-Me-A-Mamma Day

Happy Made-Me-A-Mamma Day to my Littles that gave me the face of a teen {hello acne} and the body of an elder {wish you'd leave aches}!image


Magdalene Reese 6/22/08
Isabella Ruth 1/13/10
Benjamin Ryan 1/11/11
Elizabeth Rae 12/16/13

Mamma loves you each of you wonderfully & fearfully made Littles so much! It's so daunting yet joyful to watch you becoming the people of God He's called you to be.

To all those who have lost or are still waiting: you are loved. not forgotten. You are treasured. not tossed aside. You are seen. not hidden from God. Seek His comfort. Discover His plan. Allow redemption in the pain. {{hugs}} This season is purposeful; don't let it slip by while allowing satan steal the unfathomable peace and joy Christ has for you.

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