I’m an Old Fogey…apparently.

Have I ever told you I'm an old fogey? Well, I am...apparently.

banana phone

Never thought I would be. I enjoy learning new things; or at least I used to. Then I had kids. Learn THEM seems to be taking up all the space in my brain. Everything else needs to stay simple {and unchanging} so I don't loose my mind.

Phones. Ugg. Phones. Why do they keep changing? I rather make a quick call on my banana phone with extra long cord like the good 'ole days. My hubs loves technology and enjoys getting the next newest {to us} phone. He jumped on the iPhone wagon shortly after the craze began. He's been hooked ever since. Not me! I was bound and determined to keep my flip phone Razor. That's right. I felt fancy enough with that bad boy!

Several of my friends began to tease me. They were no long making my phone and parts where becoming harder and harder to come by. A sweet couple we went to church with noticed how "behind the times" my phone and I were. They had just upgraded to the NEWEST iPhone and passed down one of the 3 'old' ones they had at the house. SUPER SWEET! but I didn't really care to switch. Eventually I caved and after a absent minded moment on a youth trip where I left one of the doors unlock on the church van, the phone, along with my nice camera {that you Know I used daily}, my new laptop, and my purse were stolen, never to be seen again.

I was so hip by this point that my phone could be bought for a $1 when you used your free upgrade. I guess we'll try this again I thought. A bought a year later, I cracked that joker on a tile floor...yeah, no cover. I didn't like that it didn't fit in my pocket. :/

Yet another friend {along with my hubs} couldn't stand the thought of me using a phone with a cracked screen. That family then passed down an older model of the iPhone. No, this is not a joke. Through humility God often blesses! But the phone wouldn't hold all the info I had on the cracked-screen phone...so I avoided switching like a plague.

Matt, being the gather-hunter in the family, got on Craig's List and located another iPhone. I think there may be more of these than humans lying around the US by now... Anyways, he picked it up from a sweet older lady in a parking lot. Although I still fight against the synced-calendars and all the other cool features, I am amazed at how cheap you can find them. They really are a great tool. If you're NOT an old fogy like me then maybe you could try out this sponsored link {more here} to see if you too can find a cheap phone. Have fun!

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