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Next Tuesday (May 17th) we are launching an entire new line of Seeds clothing for the entire family! This means we need to clear out all of our existing clothing to make room for our new clothing. If you purchase anything from the Seeds store between today and Sunday- we will give you any Seeds T-Shirt FREE!

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How to Get 101 FREE Prints from Shutterfly

Every time I find out about awesome deals I love, I try to share them over on Facebook because I know many of you are just like me. I Love Free Stuff! I also LOVE Photos!

1112092_president_headGet 101 Free Prints with code SNOWDAY. Valid 2/18-2/19

Today, Shutterfly has their amazing 101 FREE Prints. They usually do this at least twice a year but this is like the second time I've seen it in the past couple months.

Many of you may want to take advantage but aren't sure how to...I'm here to and explain the easy way to claim your FREE Prints!!!

  1. Click THIS link or the image below.
  2. Click "Get Started"
  3. Sign Up or Sign In if you already have an account
  4. Select an Album that already exists or start a new one by clicking Upload
  5. After you have the Album you'd like to select pictures from, you may choose just a few by clicking the box in the corner of each desired picture or click Select: All
  6. If you're like me, you won't have 101 pictures to print but you Have To Have 101 to get them FREE. I print multiples of certain pictures and use them as part of thank you cards or gifts for friends and family. Remember, the FREE prints are the 4x6 size.
  7. When you have 101, go to check out. This is where you will put in the coupon code {current code: SNOWDAY}. You will have to pay shipping.
  8. Proceed by putting in your payment method and shipping info!
  9. Enjoy your prints!!!


How to Claim your 101 FREE Prints

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July Deals {Thoughtful Thursday}

Thoughtful Thursday a weekly series on

Today I wanted to give you some great resources for teaching your kids about what the 4th of July actually is; you know, aside from all the awesome BBQ, lake trips, and fireworks.


What's in the Bible

has a great article on Teaching Our Kids What It Means to be Patriotic as well as this cool coloring page.

happy 4th of july WITB

They also have a new series on their blog to help make your summer meaningful.

The 8-part series has blogger, Heather Conrad and her family, walking you through the My Jesus Journal, an activity guide created to help children develop a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and how they can come to know Him.


Now, just for fun {and for mamma}, I have our July Deals from the as Jules is going affiliates!

Summer Essentials: Laundry Detergent for those grass stains, Disney Parks for my vacationing friends, and coupons for those of you who eat.







For my friends who like to take as many pictures as me {especially during the summer} and would like to do something them eventually, other than posting them to Facebook:
Free 11X14 Designer Photo Poster - Save $8.99 + 40 Free Photo Prints!







Anyone else like to change up your house seasonally {or when you get bored}?


Hope some of these deals are fun and helpful for your summer with the fam!

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Father’s Day 2013 DEALS!

I just got word from a couple of my sponsors about some awesome Father's Day DEALS!

{contains affiliate links}


Coordinating FAMILY TEES are HERE!

Available in Dad Rocks / Mom Rocks / Parents Rock / Wife Rocks / Husband Rocks

JUNE 3-4: GET 15% OFF 2 or more!

Get 15% OFF 2 or MORE regular-priced APPAREL items.
when you use code: U28LUVDAD15

*Code valid on regular-priced APPAREL only.
*Code valid Monday, June 3 - Tuesday, June 4, 2013.
*Code must be entered at time of checkout; not valid with other offers.

FREE Shipping

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merchandise total is $60 or more!

Refer a friend, Earn $10
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Seasonal Prints Gifts

25% off + free shipping on all books. Code: ShippedBooks.

dad day york photo sale

Vistaprint $6 Personalized T-Shirts::

Vistaprint $6 Personalized T-Shirts

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I’m an Old Fogey…apparently.

Have I ever told you I'm an old fogey? Well, I am...apparently.

banana phone

Never thought I would be. I enjoy learning new things; or at least I used to. Then I had kids. Learn THEM seems to be taking up all the space in my brain. Everything else needs to stay simple {and unchanging} so I don't loose my mind.

Phones. Ugg. Phones. Why do they keep changing? I rather make a quick call on my banana phone with extra long cord like the good 'ole days. My hubs loves technology and enjoys getting the next newest {to us} phone. He jumped on the iPhone wagon shortly after the craze began. He's been hooked ever since. Not me! I was bound and determined to keep my flip phone Razor. That's right. I felt fancy enough with that bad boy!

Several of my friends began to tease me. They were no long making my phone and parts where becoming harder and harder to come by. A sweet couple we went to church with noticed how "behind the times" my phone and I were. They had just upgraded to the NEWEST iPhone and passed down one of the 3 'old' ones they had at the house. SUPER SWEET! but I didn't really care to switch. Eventually I caved and after a absent minded moment on a youth trip where I left one of the doors unlock on the church van, the phone, along with my nice camera {that you Know I used daily}, my new laptop, and my purse were stolen, never to be seen again.

I was so hip by this point that my phone could be bought for a $1 when you used your free upgrade. I guess we'll try this again I thought. A bought a year later, I cracked that joker on a tile floor...yeah, no cover. I didn't like that it didn't fit in my pocket. :/

Yet another friend {along with my hubs} couldn't stand the thought of me using a phone with a cracked screen. That family then passed down an older model of the iPhone. No, this is not a joke. Through humility God often blesses! But the phone wouldn't hold all the info I had on the cracked-screen I avoided switching like a plague.

Matt, being the gather-hunter in the family, got on Craig's List and located another iPhone. I think there may be more of these than humans lying around the US by now... Anyways, he picked it up from a sweet older lady in a parking lot. Although I still fight against the synced-calendars and all the other cool features, I am amazed at how cheap you can find them. They really are a great tool. If you're NOT an old fogy like me then maybe you could try out this sponsored link {more here} to see if you too can find a cheap phone. Have fun!

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