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Guess What Came Last Thursday!?!


In the midst of all the craziness going on in our lives, who has time to shop? Especially if you loath the idea of squeezing your chubby body into cute-in-the-picture clothes while in a tiny box where you will inevitably cry in dissatisfaction. Not me! I would prefer do this at home. At least with my daughter watching and attempting to snap pics with my camera phone in the comfort of my own {borrowed} home, I can be easier to identify the laughable moments when my get stuck inside the cute shirt that doesn't quite fit right.

Any how...That's neither here nor there. I want to tell you about a cool thing I found online via another blogger friend. {not getting paid for the review...unless someone wants to chip in. bahahaha}

Stitch Fix



  • Before you get the shabby chic box shown above you need to go to stitchfix.com and "Get Started".
  • They will have you create an account, fill out a "style profile". This is an in depth way for you to tell them what you usually wear, what you would like to wear, fashion you like/don't like {detailed!}, sizes and so on. So cool!
  • Then you will choose a "fix date". That means, the date you'd like them to deliver you "fix"- a box of 5 handpicked items that "your stylist" chooses for you to try. Fun, no??
  • When your adorable packaging comes, Here's How It Works:
  1. Discover what's in your fix
    Try on all goodies in your "Fix". Mix and match with items you already have to see if you like them, if they fit, if they go with what you already own. They even give you cute little "reference cards" with each items for how to where them different ways. Nice for those {like me} who don't care about fashion.
    IMG_2371 IMG_2374 IMG_2375 IMG_2376 IMG_2377 IMG_2379
  2. Decide what you're keping and what's going back
    Take 3 days to decide which items you'll keep and which you'll return. They give you a package with shipping already paid so you can load the bag with items you're sending back and slip it directly into any mailbox. If you're keeping it all then no shipping is required.
    Just so you understand I'm not crazy & so you can see my 4-year-olds mad camera skills, here are the items I recieved...on: These are the items "my stylist" chose and sent to me.
    My Fix
  3. Check Out online
    Go right back to stitchfix.com and "complete your return survey". This is another cool way they find out how better to choose items for you. Tell them pros & cons about each item, if your keeping/returning, and then pay for what you are gonna add to your closet. You can even schedule "monthly fixes". Even for a girl who doesn't linke shopping, this was pretty fun!
    They were all so cute...but just not me. They're adorable in the pic, like the colors {okay} but I look like a goof and just can't pay the pretty price tag.

For me, there were only a few things I didn't like about my "Fix". I was excessively {if not finatical} about telling them I'm a modest and comfy girl. I know those two things mean completely different things to Everyone but I personally just didn't like that the only pants I got were leggings, both button downs were nearly see through, and one of them had very low cut button line. My other issue was, even among the section where they ask, "How much would you ideally spend on items in each of the following categories? We'll do our very best!" the lowest numerical option is "$50-100" then it just says, "the cheaper the better"...of Course I chose "the cheaper the better" but 2 of my items where $59.99 and 3 where 69.99. WAY out of my price range. I am heart pressed to spend $25 on jeans and rarely spend $20 on a shirt. I know, I know. That's crazy. But even had these items been $30, I might have considered them.

All in all, Stitch Fix was a really cool experience! I would possibly consider doing it again if I needed a special outfit for a VERY special occasion. Which you can specify, by the way!

Have you tried it? Tell me about your experience!!!!

NOTE: I do get $25.00 in credit when my 
friends get their first Fix using my links.

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