January 2017 Media Sabbatical

It's been a long time coming, our family's January 2017 Media Sabbatical. I've thought about the numerous benefits from varying levels of such a thing. To be completely honest, the decision to go on a "media sabbatical" was made on New Years Eve when I saw the wording and brief description from a friend doing the same thing. While her desire to do one was a bit different than mine, her wording gave me the confidence to ask my hubs if he's be game.


In just a couple seconds, he responded with a quick, Sure. I wasn't sure if he understood what I was asking of him and our family so I went into a detailed rant about what I was thinking. He listened and again easily agreed with a chuckle.

A week into our "Sabbatical", several things have come about but to start with I'll give you the brief rant about what our game plan for this lil vacation, reprieve, break, retreat, get-away, rest, escape, time-out, leave.

For my kids it basically meant, they would take a break from anything screen related. No movies, shows, netflix, iPad games. I still allowed facetime with a long-distance friends and audio books via the old smart phone or iPad. We've taken small breaks from these before but this time had been slightly more challenging because they just received new movies for Christmas, we've been working at the valley building a lot, traveling in the car, and just this weekend it snowed. I mean, come On! Snow, while fun to play in for 30 minutes also leads to the ideal snuggle-drink-hot-coco-while-vegging-out time.

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For my hubs and I it means no movies, shows, netflix, smart phone games, or social media. We are still allowed to call or text people and use social media for important work/church things as well as utilize audio books or YouTube to help with projects. I knew this would be a big change for use seeing as how the majority of our frugal pass times include tv shows, phone games, and social media but it's been difficult in different ways than I anticipated. I'm looking forward to this indifference with windows of unfilled time will motivated me to be more productive and inspired when it comes to our 2017 school semester.

building-go-karts pet-petting robot-building

I've experienced lots of exhaustion. LOL In part because we've been accomplishing a lot more without the easy excuse to procrastinate. Boredom has us doing more. I am used to numbing out via social media during nap times and then vegging out with my hubs after the kids bed time with our favorite shows or a redbox movie. Taking the numbing or vegging options away have caused me to have to think all. the. time. My brain can't shut off. In the past I've had "heart issues" that required me to find a way to make myself sit and rest. I didn't used to be good at it and it was hindering my health during the pregnancy with my son. Well, 6 years later, I've learned to "rest" a little too well some days leaving me a few pounds heavier and addicted to increasing my dopamine levels via social media.

listening-to-audiobooks people-pyramids

Most of the assets were things I anticipated but I'm still very thankful for. I am able to do a few more interactive things with my children like the science kits they were given for Christmas, talk talk talk with my hubs more, we are all listening and reading more books, I'm relearning my love for writing, and like mentioned before, we are completing even more projects at home and at the valley. With Matt now working a 3rd job, the media sabbatical is helping us budget our time more wisely. I do see benefits of all the things we are vacationing from, I am thankful for this time off to see both the perks and downfalls.

Have you ever considered a Media Sabbatical? What are your thoughts, desires, or fears about it?

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