Kids’ Bathroom Decor {with FREE Printables!}

The hall bathroom has been pretty bare since we moved in. Really both bathrooms are. I can't see spending money on a bathroom when there are other things it could be used on.

Kids' Bathroom Decor

We have 1 set of rugs for each bathroom, Dollar Tree Steps for the kids' bathroom, and a shower curtain liner in our bathroom. I also moved a picture frame to set on the large counter top in each room but the kids bathroom always felt dirty. With my parents coming for a weekend over spring break, I thought it would be a good time to put a shower curtain, at least, in the hall bath so both bathrooms could be used by the adults. I found it for under $8 at Dollar General.

Kids' Bathroom Decorations

A long time a go, I made these signs, art, whatever you want to call them. I'm sure I saw some version of colorful signs in a kids' bathroom but I wanted to make them personal. This is what I constantly ask my children when they leave the bathroom: "Wipe, Flush, Wash?" These frames were old black ones from Matt's office that I just spray painted white. I then laminated the art after printing them to try to avoid them getting ruined from the bathroom moisture. I placed the glass behind the laminated art to press it flush {pun intended} with the front of the frame.

FREE Printables! Kids' Bathroom ArtSigns Wipe Your Bottom, Flush the Potty, Wash Your Hands

If you think these are fun, click HERE for all 3 of the FREE PRINTABLES!!! Or just click the individual images below.

Wipe Your BottomFlush The PottyWash Your Hands

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