Life in Limbo

God began working in my husband’s life around last Easter. Not in the simple realization of God’s plan of salvation but this inner turmoil of a man who already knew Christ and wanted to know what the heart of God really looks like.

I journeyed through this with him. Watching him read book after book alongside his Bible and commentaries. I waited patiently to see where God was leading our family through my fresh new husband. Radical was of course one of those many books. Life Changing! Another was Kisses from Katie. This is a story of a high school prom queen turned adopted mom of 14 and counting Ugandan children. My heart began to stir. I surrendered to foreign missions years ago. Months before I’d even met Matt {my amazing husband}. To me, that meant I was surrendered to serve wherever God would have me, whether that be in the States or abroad. I thought maybe this is why God had laid that on my heart so many years before now. Where we going to move somewhere like Uganda to love one the masses there who had never heard of Jesus Christ?

With that question lingering in the back of my mind we, as a couple, went to our first Catalyst Conference in October. We listened to strong men and women of faith talk about what it looked like to be leaders in the body of Christ. Katie Davis, the author of Kisses from Katie was there. Her interview gave a brief insight into the normalcy of ministering over in Uganda. Her nervous laugh and passion that came out as she talked stirred my heart even more to step out and do something more than what I was doing now.

In November, Matt came to be and said, “…I think God wants me to be a Pastor.” You have to know what a surprise this was for me to hear {and not erupt into laughter}. I married a YOUTH pastor. The man who hated watching guys with no passion for students use youth pastor possessions as a stepping stone to become “real pastors” one day. The guys who need to have some experience on their résumé but had no real intention of staying in the student ministry for any longer than they had to. Nope, he was a self-proclaimed “Lifer”! Now he thinks God wants him to go be a “real pastor”…

Another few days passed and he came to me again and started asking my option on Church Planting. I, of course, gave him my good ole, “We should be fixing the churches that already exist. We can’t leave them to die. All these tiny churches need to unite, get over tradition, and become kingdom minded and not territory minded!” He didn’t seem to affirm my rants…we’re normally on the same page. I was confused. He didn’t argue any of my points but wasn’t condensed either. I began praying really hard. I assumed he was interested in church planting as an easy alternative to pastoring an existing church. I didn’t want my husband to jump ship into what seemed like no-man’s-land because he was bored, depressed, or tired of fighting the same old stuff. God’s not going to lead a couple in two different directions.

Matt did lots more reading, studying, researching. He came back to me with stats. My heart had been melted and remolded by Christ. Here are just some of the staggering results about church planting.

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I honestly feel like a missionary stepping out into the deep dark regions of…Arkansas. Bahaha
This is the most unsure we’ve ever been about the possession we are about to step into. We’ve never done anything like this. The failure rate is high. We will have to rely on sporadic funds to live on. We need to sell our current home and find a reasonably surprised home there that will fit our growing family. There are so many unknowns yet God has given us an unexplainable peace that seems to bother most people we speak with.

What is God asking you to step out and do? This new adventure isn’t just for those of us God called to “work” in full-time ministry. As Christians we are all called to minister full-time, with all we have, in everything.

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