#mommied Monday: Playroom Cleaning

In honor of Mother's Day coming up, I'm going to be sharing stories {possibly weekly} that makes ya wanna say, "BOOM! You just got Mommied!" because it is a super power ;) Often we feel like we just got owned by our children in the small battles so we need some encouragement when we don't loose!

BOOM! #mommied Monday Playroom Cleaning

My kids had a neighbor friend over to play after dinner and when she left we told them it was time to clean up. The complaints started and we reminded them that we serve our friends by cleaning up after them and we show gratitude by taking care of our things {ie Clean Ya Junk Up}.

Matt was heading out for a run so we set a timer for the time he would be gone and explained that whatever they didn't have cleaned up by the time he was home for baths they would be grounded from.

More than 1/2 way through their timer Mags runs out to check the clock only to run back into the playroom yelling, "Guys! We have time. We might not get grounded from anything. If you help Jamin do his job and I grab the extra stuff we won't get grounded from ANYthing!" Izzie responded excitedly, "Uh, you  help Jamin and I'll grab all the extra stuff."

BOOM! #mommied


I would LUUUUUUVE if you would share your #mommied stories with us on the as Jules is going facebook page or find me on Instagram to share awesome documentation of your #mommied moment! Don't forget to use the hashtag so we can all find it. Maybe by the time Mother's Day gets here we will all feel the true power God has given us as mommies to train up His lil blessings.

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  1. I wish I’d thought of that when my girlies were young. Cleaning battles were are biggest and most frustrating. I am passing this tip on to my daughter!
    Rebecca D recently posted..Snowed In…My Profile

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