#mommied Monday: School Day Timer

In honor of Mother's Day coming up, I'm going to be sharing stories {possibly weekly} that makes ya wanna say, "BOOM! You just got Mommied!" because it is a super power ;) Often we feel like we just got owned by our children in the small battles so we need some encouragement when we don't loose!

#mommied Monday School Day Timer

Tried something new today during #rothacheracademy: I set a time for each of my kids.

Rather than huff it through the amount of paper work I felt would deem our day successful, I based our studies on the average amount of time it should take each child based on their age and attention span.
I was surprised at how fast it seemed to go, how much they accomplished, how much more pleasant they were during our "school time", and that they ASK to do more when we were done.

I even had energy leftover to allow for messy crafting during lunch prep, dealing with a meltdown over thinking paint brushes were going to be lost down the drain, and playing outside with them after a fast lunch.

#boom #mommied Happy Monday All. Winning...one morning at a time.

I would LUUUUUUVE if you would share your #mommied stories with us on the as Jules is going facebook page or find me on Instagram to share awesome documentation of your #mommied moment! Don't forget to use the hashtag so we can all find it. Maybe by the time Mother's Day gets here we will all feel the true power God has given us as mommies to train up His lil blessings.

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