#mommied Monday: Superhero Recruit

In honor of Mother's Day coming up, I'm going to be sharing stories {possibly weekly} that makes ya wanna say, "BOOM! You just got Mommied!" because it is a super power ;) Often we feel like we just got owned by our children in the small battles so we need some encouragement when we don't loose!

#mommied Monday recruiting superheros

I needed my 4-year-old son to help clean up some toys before bed but he was very into playing with his brand new superhero toys he’d gotten for Christmas. I went to him and told him I had a very important mission for him and his hero friends. Looking at me excited he ask, Yeah?! What? I walked him to the closet, knelt down and secretly showed him the pile of card games and said they needed to be rescued and placed in the giant tub for safety. I ask if he was brave enough to go into the dark closet and strong enough to pick them all up. He responded with a hardy YES and went right to work. #mommied

I would LUUUUUUVE if you would share your #mommied stories with us on the as Jules is going facebook page or find me on Instagram to share awesome documentation of your #mommied moment! Don't forget to use the hashtag so we can all find it. Maybe by the time Mother's Day gets here we will all feel the true power God has given us as mommies to train up His lil blessings.

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