Mom’s Night Out {Movie Review}

The movie, "Mom's Night Out" is about a stay-at-home-mom who has three small children and desperately needs a night "off".

Mom's Night Out {group pic}

I know some of you reading are in this same boat, some may not have kids, and some may be intrigued by the life of a SAHM. I started a simple review of the movie Mom's Night Out and turned into a deference of the life I {and my husband} have chosen. Where did that come from?

There have been some hate-filled critics out there that motivated my defense so in short:

Some will proclaim "anti-feminist".

Some will cry "man-hater".

Some will argue "not-'Christian'-enough".

People? Get over it. This is one snap shot of a made-up life, albeit a pretty accurate depiction of some of our lives with all its "chaos and confusion". Life just gets messy and in no way is Pinterest-perfect in any sense of the meaning.

Some of us are have chosen an "archaic" role in life but that doesn't mean we don't think women are capable of anything. But in the true sense of "feminism" shouldn't we all be supporting one another in our chosen profession? This movie is only giving a picture of a single women's chosen profession, just like any other movie. Hate is fueled by ignorance. Stop hating and use this to educate yourself on the struggles in the life of someone else and not deeming them lesser because their stress is different from yours.

I consider myself a feminist, but there is a spectrum to it. When we start turning on other women and bashing anything that they CHOOSE to do, then we are not following the point of being feminists. I despise when this sort of thing happens between women and about women. The point of feminism is that women should be able to do anything they want as a career, be seen as equal, and being supported in that endeavor. Being a stay-at-home mom and homeschooling kids is HARD. I am with others commenting here - I have sincere respect for those who can do it. -Angela, Therapist at Resilience Counseling Center

Some of us have amazing, hard-working, and involved husband who are just like the main character's husband. He supports us as part of the team that we are and encourages us to take a rest when needed. He doesn't have to be convinced to watch his own children. But let's be realistic. There are all types of dads out there. I think this film shows a glimps of all those. There's the dad who feels inadequate. Then there's the man who doesn't have any kids who seems to dislike them but may surprise you.

Some of us struggle in our Christian walk. WHAT!?! Yes, it's true. There are lots of us like the main character who don't have an accountability partner. To be honest, this chick is ahead of most of us in that she's part of a bible study with women, during the Day, WITH childcare. The film doesn't show this women praying or reading her Bible in her time of desperation probably for a couple of reasons, 1. it's targeted to give lost people a hope without bombarding them and 2. in fairness, even when you're seeking God, some days you still just need a break. Mom's shouldn't be made to feel like monsters for needing one.

There's a wide variety of personality types shown in this film among the men and the women. You can't get mad because they didn't show every type {that's impossible} and you can't complain that you just didn't like one of the types {we all know there are lots of personalities that rub us the wrong way but that doesn't mean they don't exist}.

I've seen Mom's Night Out twice now. Once with my husband at a preview night. The entire time I was glancing around as I laughed,  sniffled, and shook my head wondering what the others {hubs included} thought of my life that I was watching being splashed across the screen. The second time, I felt even more validated in my life as I laughed, sniffled, and shook my head in unison with hundreds of other women in the same theater. I wasn't alone. It was okay that I too have hard days. There were others that were seeking God's will for their life but just needed a break to put some pep back into their every-day.

Dear SAHM,

When others slam the life you've chosen. Make your struggles seem unworthy of a second glance. Deem you as not enough in this world.

You are God's masterpiece. Although you are nowhere near being complete, He's still at work. He hasn't left you on a back shelf of His studio. He sees you. He sees purpose in what you are doing. You are important. You are making a difference. This world would not be the same without the unglamorous, daily, unseen, mundane faithfulness.

If you feel "unhappy" with life right now, even if it's "all you ever wanted"- step back. take a break. refocus. God may have a different "YES" for you or you my just need the confidence boost to continue faithfully.

Do all you do for the glory of God.

You are loved!

See the movie, Mom's Night Out! Be encouraged. Laugh. Sniffle. Nod your head because there ARE women out there with the same struggles you have. God's compassion is for the #firstworldproblems AND #thirdworldproblems.

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  1. Great post and thanks so much for linking to mine. The movie is funny, but the missing elements, that I point out (in addition to what Moms do need) did leave me wishing more of what was promised by the directors, when I sat in the church as they filmed the church scene had been placed in the movie. While filming the movie, the directors promised something similar to Courageous – only in a humorous way. I did love that the one Dad said a Mom’s job is important, the quote by the biker at the end and the wisdom shared by the minister’s wife. But I do wish a little more was shown for how our hearts as Moms are changed from being needy to being responsible servants for Christ. Truly, that is the cruxt that is hard for anyone. I point out the humanistic thought that we can change ourselves, but we can’t only God can. It is a blessing to be a Mom…and when you arrive at that point where you know it’s Christ in you and you’re seeing the fruit of a responsible Mom, those difficult circustances change in your mind… I’ve been that Mom and God recently lit a fire in me to help Moms see – we don’t have to live there in that desperate state. Again, thanks for linking. I pray many are blessed for all of the different opinions about this funny movie. It’s a good way to show how we are all on different parts of the journey, we can all grow and learn from one another and how God creates each one of us different…and according to his purpse.

    • Thank you so much for adding more about your heart here!
      My view of the humanistic approach is that or yours! There is nothing good in us; we can never try hard enough to change; the only good in us is Christ.
      That sucks that the directors didn’t deliver on their promise. I totally could see where they could have added those little touches like those in Courageous or Fireproof.
      Thank you again for allowing me to link to your review and for stopping by my lil corner of the net and sharing!

      • Anytime…and really, I wasn’t writing a review. Just something I noticed about society as a whole today.

        I recently pulled out a book I read several years ago and I think this quote from it sums up what I see is missing in so many lives today…I would have placed it in the post if I had remembered it. But, I do know this book and quote impacted my outlook as well as many other events.

        “Responsible wives may not mean much to our culture, but the spiritual implications are as precious as they are profound. Ironically, if more women would concern themselves with being responsible instead of obsessing about whether they feel happy, fulfilled, and ‘important,” we would have a lot more women who are happy and fulfilled- and a much stronger church and world. Jesus says to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; when we pursue them, “all these [other] things” will be added as well (Matthew 6:33)…. (Sacred Influence – Gary Thomas pg 93)

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