My Laundry Room Smells Like Poop {Thoughtful Thursday}

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I walked into my laundry room today after several days of my drier being broke and was almost knocked on my butt by the smell of poop!
Does your laundry room ever smell like "code brown"? Wanna know why? And how to get rid of the feces stench?

Your front loader is to blame! Yeppers. These little boogers are a life save in the world of dirty laundry from oodles of blessings running around. BUT there is a #1 rule I didn't couldn't stick to the past couple days:

Air out the washer by leaving the door open

When the heating coil went out on our drier all of a sudden I left loads of wet laundry in the washer until I had time to pull them out and hang them to dry. #FAIL Leaving the wet clothing in the washer added to the moister inside the washer and of course, the door was shut for longer than normal resulting in STANK!

Even when you do move laundry quickly and air out the washer, there are still lots of places that hold moister and result in mold and mildew. These places should get cleaned out every once in a while to avoid the smell of a diaper gene in your laundry room.

The Door

The Detergent Tray

The Gasket {apparently what this rubber stuff is called}

I just used some multipurpose cleaning spray, warm water, and a washcloth to wipe down each of these. I didn't really take that long and if I did it more often I bet it would take even less time. I think ran a "santize" cycle with nothing but white vinegar in it to make sure the parts I couldn't get to will be cleaned as well.

Now I just have to remember to do this ~once a month to keep the poo smell away. Does your laundry room stink?

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  1. What a treasure of info you are. I got me a smell of poop and there now, I have a remedy! Hopping over from Homemaker’s Challenge.

    • Why thank you! I’m glad I didn’t jack anything up digging around in my machine but I was determined to find the stink! I had know idea that rubber stuff was called a gasket much less that it was eating my socks. Guess I shoulda been using that mess bag I have…
      Hope on over any time! I love me some Homemaker’s Challenge- good stuff! ;O)

  2. How do you clean inside the bubble of the front load washer. I can see the goop but how do I get to it.

    The stench is breath taking

    • I don’t guess my door has an inner layer to the “bubble”. I just wipe down the outside and then the inside. I have noticed that most of the grime ends up on the underside of the bubble where water sits on the rubber lip. I’ve also learned that letting the washer dry-out in between loads {when possible} cuts down on that grime.

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