MY Poppy Seed Project {tutorial}

Today I'll be posting the step-by-step progress {literally} of
MY Poppy Seed Project.

Last night I received my long awaited package
in the mail.

1. Order and Anticipate. They took about 7 business days to receive the package after it was shipped. They we very Well packed.


This morning I started painting!

2.  Paint frames: I am doing a pattern on the bigger frame that will be layered behind the smaller so it will end up being painted twice. The first coat of paint will be the color of the pattern. The top coat will be the color of the frame. I painted both frames with the Krylon Brushed Metallic Satin "Caramel Latte". I started with the back side {could have just done 1 coat since it won't really be seen but went ahead and did 2 to test how it would look}. Then I put pushpins in the inner part where the backing goes as to not make holes in the back. These allowed me to speed the process up and start painting the front by flip them over without smudging the paint on the back.

This afternoon I created polka dots!

3. Trace where the layered frame will be. I waited until the paint had dried and then centered the smaller frame on top of the larger frame. Then I traced around the smaller one with a pencil and I flipped it over and traced the square on the inside of the smaller one so I'd be able to see how to line it up after painting over the polka dots.

4. Design polka dots pattern. I raced circle using a small medicine bottle onto painters tape and then cut them out. {They are NOT exact} Then I place them semi-randomly around the larger frame.

Some of the polka dots hung over so I trimmed the extra off.

5. Double check design. Then I put the small frame back on top to make sure I liked their placement before I painted over them. I did end up moving some of the dots {GREAT thing about painter's tape}.

When the polka dots where ready I painted the top layer on the large frame!

6. Paint the top coat and remove vinyl. I painted ~3 coats of red to make sure it covered well. I didn't take many pictures of taking the vinyl off because I was fighting off babies but it's really simple. Some of my red smugged a little while I was peeling it off but that just adds to the DIY look ;o)

I then glued the frames together!

7. Glue the frames together. I using Liquid Nails to glue the small frame on top of the big frame. I'm letting the frames sit for several hours with lots of weight on top to help adhere the 2 frames. {I put parchment paper between the books and the frames to make sure the didn't stick/pull off paint when I removed them}

 When the glue was securely dried I places it on my mantel in the living room!

8. Add the frames to home decor. I place my frame on the mantel along with a few other items I already had around the house. LOVE THESE FRAMES! Can't wait until my next project with them!

Keep in mind that this is just 1 example of what YOU can get with the Poppy Seed Project gift card.
Visit their site HERE and Enter the giveaway HERE!

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