Why We Name-Call in Our House

I know most families are hardcore against name calling but somehow, in our home, we've become big-fat-name-callers...and I've decided I'm okay with it.

Why WE NAME CALL in Our Family

You'll hear the following "names" thrown around quite often. Sometimes by my kids but learned from me. I want my children to be able to name it when their dark, wicked little hearts are ooze sin.

Ugly:  a term used to describe the actions of someone who is acting rudely/unpleasantly to others

Jerk: a contemptibly obnoxious person who "jerks" people around out of hatefulness

Punk: a person who goes around starting fights and brings about division {like a smoldering stick used for lighting firework fuses}

Bossy: a person who tells others what to do in a mean, self-righteous manner

Toot: a person acting "stinky", foul, unmannerly {like stinky passing of gas}

It's actually quite simple to teach littles to name the fruit they should be oozing; they're used to practicing opposites! Here are some of the opposite "names" we call each other at home as well. In all honesty though, we do need to get better at identifying these when they come out naturally, as positive reinforcement rather than a comparison lecture when the sin rears its head.

Beautiful/Handsome: acting gentle/pleasantly to others

Lady/Gentlemen: respectable delightful person who encourages others with love

Kind/Helpful/Thoughtful/Peacemaker: a person who seeks to keep peace or bring about unity

Leader: a person who shows people with their actions the direction they want others to go, guiding them gently

Sweet: a person acting pure, pleasant, well-mannered

I'm thinking I should make up some printables to go with these that could hang on the wall for my kids. I don't know about you, but our family does well with visuals.

What about your family, are you name-callers?

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