“Oh, you can make milkshakes out of icecream?” {Thoughtful Thursday Link-Up}

That's right. I'm slack'n and didn't get the Thoughtful Thursday link up ready to go before 9pm. But here it is!

After dinner one night my girls were so excited to tell their daddy they were getting "SHACKS" for dessert! My husband came to me wondering where I was going to pick up shacks for them and when I told him I was making them he said, "Oh, you can make milkshakes out of icecream?"

Uummm, yeah! Duh. hehehe

Desired amount of icecream, any added flavoring you want, blend, pour, slurp!
I also like to put plain yogurt and frozen fruit in a blender and calling it a "shake"! My girls LOVE it and think it's the best snack/dessert Ever ;o)


I'm sure you have some way more Thoughtful things to share. Link'm Up below! {open 'til next Wednesday}

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  1. Oh, I missed the link-up… I’ve had a crazy couple days… You’ll have to pop over to my blog to find out the details. 🙂

    • I’m actually having trouble with the my link up. As so on as I posted, it said it was expired. I haven’t had time to go figure out exactly what’s wrong. SORRY!!!!
      If you have something you were gonna share just go ahead and put a link to it here in the comment section so we can all go check it out!

    • YAY! That was a fun packed few days full of lots of business and the newest awesome news for your family!!! Aren’t you still working on 1 wedding? Congats!!! They seem like Sweet girls!

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