Paper Beads from a House of Mercy

I've always loved learning more about those sharing about Jesus, especially those overseas. It intrigues me even more than those who have given everything in the country I was born. When I learned about "paper beads" years ago and how using trash in a seemingly simple method to earn a living, I was sold. PLUS they're colorful. 😀

Mercy House Kenya #FTFClub

In the summer of 2010, The Mercy Maternity House was formed to support the work Maureen {native Kenyan} does. Maureen is the full-time as the Executive Director of Rehema House (word for mercy in Swahili) in Kenya. While she works in Africa, the Welch family raises money and awareness while supporting Maureen and her staff.

You can follow their journey or support them through shopping the many items. God has used The Mercy House and the Welch family to open doors and create more awareness of many other non-profits by being a catalyst for Fair Trade Friday Club. The Mercy House was where I learned about fair trade Friday and how even more beautifully, handmade items are being created by artisans to earn a living.


Join the FTFClub HERE, do a 1 month Trial Box, or The Earring a Month Club HERE. As of yesterday, 50 new spots opened up! If there's a waiting list and you were considering joining, SIGN UP and get on the waiting list anyways. Your Yes Matters! Don't loose momentum. The waiting list allows for plan ahead and increase the boxes for members, product production, and inevitably empowered women working to provide for their families!

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