Ready, Set, WHAT?!?

I haven't been writing much lately. Not for lack of fun stories, interesting thoughts {or at least to me}, or helpful how-tos...we've been a lil busy. lol I honestly had to go back and look at my instagram to remember what all we'd been doing. {btw: sorry if you follow my instagram via my FB page- its gonna double up}

  • Shortly before mother's day we found out our #4 is coming to round out the family! Eeeek


Rothacher' Harlem Shake Video {announcement}

  • Saw a Bunch of former students graduate down in Parker's Chapel.


  • Went on an awesome day of adventure to Magic Springs water and amusement part with some great friends.


  • Celebrated our 9th anniversary!!!


  • Moved the rest of stuff out in 2 days {boooo}
  • We FINALLY sold our house, "Big Blue"! I'll be doing a follow-up post on the Homemaker's Challenge scheduled for July.
    note to self: put the memory card in the camera so you can have that "last day in front of our house when we sold it" picture
  • Had our 1st block party for the Vilonia community. {the night after 'closing' in White Hall}


  • Valley Groups have launched! Our ultimate goal and entry point for our church.
  • Started potty training our 2.5 year old, Jamin. Yay for new-to-us underroos!

973830_679611986737_1617910727_n 975821_680177767907_404516180_n

  • We had our long-awaited 1st ultrasound. Baby #4 is due December 24th {but we will likely meet him/her closer to Dec 10th via c-section; entirely different post}


  • Had an awesome Girls Night Out in Little Rock where we went and saw Steel Magnolia's at Murray's Dinner Theater
  • Hosted our daughters big 'o 5th birthday party at the park {the next morning after our GNO}992809_680143107367_2104152303_n
  • We made an offer on a house in Vilonia! After a year of searching {and waiting to sell}, we made an offer at 3:30pm, received a counter-0ffer {of exactly what we were looking for} at 5:30pm, and accepted at 6:00pm. Did I mention this was the same day as the ultrasound? Busy day 😉943103_680572292277_1985188541_n

Now we are moving on to the "Honey-Do" list that we are hoping to accomplish before my sweet hubs leaves for Super Summer for a week and a 1/2; leaving me to single-parent {unskillfully} while he's gone.

  1. Sign papers & turn them into the bank for our loan- check
  2. Wii & DVD player hooked up correctly and ready to rock way too much screen time- check
  3. Remove the giant wad of plastic wrap that I tried to use to help the bathtub water leak out slower but may or may not have gone down the drain before I could snag it possibly causing slow drainage and a pretty good clog- check
  4. Go to SAMs Club as a family to get TP & other much-needed essentials so I don't pass out from loading, pushing, and unloading all that stuff by myself- check
  5. Stalk up on simple foods & snacks for the prego & kids at said club- check {but may need a couple things a the big WM, ugg}
  6. Catchup on the dishes, laundry, and big cleaning around the house- 1/2 check
  7. Bring in our microwave from big blue because our current one got tired and doesn't heat any more- Wednesday
  8. Baby pool, weighing way more than I should lift, dumped and refilled with clean water for scorching days- Wednesday
  9. Collect tax return papers after the bank makes copies- Wednesday
  10. Home inspection complete on our New House {within 10 days with the hubs being gone 7 of those days}- Thursday
  11. Mow the jungle- maybe not...
  12. A thousand other random things my hubs will do because he's so good at taking care of me- CHECK
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