Seasons of Sickness

Some seasons I thrive on having lots to do. I remember in high school feeling like I was way more productive and managed my time better when I had more going on, more responsibilities, and less free time. As an adult, some days that's still true. If I have my list of things I know need accomplished that day, I set to it and get lots wrapped up before the day is done.

Season of Sickness

Other days. Days like today. The things on my list seem overwhelmingly mounting leaving me feeling like a failure before I've even attempted to begin climbing it all and sitting on a couch at the end of the day not wanting to touch the normal list of things that need to be done before bed.

These seasons of sickness among my friends, extended family, and in my household seem to arise as soon as I think we've found our rhythm. I know they're coming and try to be proactive but never feel ahead of the game when they turn.

Trying to wrap up paper work and training for foster care has been a dozy. I don't like paper work but like check lists. We're moving right a long tackling everything but then, in comes the sickness. Long days of training, juggling childcare for our littles, striving to help friends in crisis behind the scenes, holiday/birthday season dragging on and one, regular port-a-church stuff, and now everyone deciding to take turns running low-grade fevers, snot'n up everything, while being crabby and  clinging.

We've been to our pediatrician {40 minutes away btw} 3 times in the past 2 and 1/2 weeks. They're not real keen on large families attempting to be seen at the same time but today, I was THAT mom and drug all my kids in the 1 appointment time they had available.

The conclusion? 2 and 1/2 HOURS in the doctor's office, no diagnosis other than "she has nothing really...prolly just a random virus.", three flu mists, and a flu shot, and all the signed medical paper work we needed for DHS.

Are you in a season of sickness you want to be DONE with but don't want to wish away the few days you have with your littles? How do you handle it?

I'd love to share a few things that helped me not loose my mind on this eternal day at the doctor on this week's Thoughtful Thursday. 🙂

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