Stuck in the Middle

Do you ever want to give up on something? Not necessarily because its hard but because you're not the best at it or you're not the only one doing it?

Stuck in the Middle

Maybe I'm the only one or maybe its part of the middle-child-syndrome. I can remember whining to my friends in 7th grade choir when I was placed as a "second soprano". Boo For those of you who weren't choir geeks, that means you aren't the one singing the highest notes and you're not the one singing the lowest notes.

That's right, stuck in the middle. I complained and complained to my friends about always being "in the middle". I was a middle child. I am average height. I always had average grades. I was in a middle class family. I didn't seem to excel or completely suck at really anything.

One of my goals as a child was to be the youngest singer- ever. {insert uncontrollable laughter} When I realized the Mickey Mouse Club House had already launched a gazillion younger singers than me I through in the towel. {as if that was ever gonna happen but you get the point}

I still feel that was an adult. I just want to throw in the towel when I find out I'm not the best at something I'm attempting or when it seems everyone is now doing what I thought set me apart I wanna run. The list goes on and on: DIY projects, refurnishing, photography, baking, parenting, creative organization, blogging, decorating, and even {gasp!} "Christian-living" of sorts.

Mundane. Boring. Lukewarm. Typical. Ordinary.

I know when I feel this way, it's a result of a wrong view of who God is. Everything lead back to that. Disobedience- God isn't as smart as me. Fear- God's not big enough to take care of it. Greed- God can't supply my needs. Insecurity- God didn't created me the right way. Search for Recognition- God doesn't see me. Search for Love- God doesn't love me enough. For some random reason, He sees me fit to love. Fit to have created; with a purpose. He has a plan for my mediocre life. Searching for my meaning and worth in the eyes of others through excelling in whatever the attempt is of the day is always going to come up lacking.

Just thought I'd throw that out there today since blogging is definitely one of those things were I feel lost in the crowd, overdone, or average {less than average depending on what part of the net your blogging} and just maybe someone else need to know I {and I bet others} feel this way.

IT’S A ROYAL SWITCH-A-ROO! New VeggieTales “Princess and the Popstar” Clip! from bigidea on GodTube.

Know someone else out there longs to hear something silly like, "You grow pies. No One does that." from Veggie Tales, "Princess and the Pop Star" LOL God is saying that to YOU! You are treasured. Bought for the ultimate price. Now lets pull our average-selves together and watch how God wants to use us for His bigger, more extraordinary, adventure!

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