Where ya been?

It's been almost a week since I've posted...you're not missing much ;o)

This past week has been kinds crazy. Last Tuesday me and my girls took a flying road trip several hours north to hang out with my 'forever friend' who lost her daddy. My girls had a blast having their 1st "Grammy day(s)! Jamin hung out with a friend from church during the day and his daddy in the mornings and at night. He also had his 1st Nanna day!
I got to see many friends while in my home town. My girls traveled well! We ran lots of errands and hung out with family and friends. My girls and I got to go to my home church and see the awesome ministry they have to their community!

Had safe travel home on Thursday! Made it home just in time for dinner with the other side of the family. Got to see extended family before she jumped on a plane the next day.

Friday we attempted another Rothacher marathon day which included but wasn't limited to a cardiologist appointment, SAMs club run, lunch at Chick-fil-a, and a failed pediatrician (shot follow-up) visit, and Jamin's pictures.

God's rocked through our week! It's amazing the endlessness of what He has for us...exhausting as it maybe some weeks...always GOOD.

Although it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving it next week it is! We are Thankful! Thankful for the list above (what we see as good and bad!). Thankful for always joyous holiday season approaching us! Thankful for the different way we're doing Christmas this year {promise to share soon!} Thankful for this little nook of cyber air I get to call my own!


How have you been? Have any "Rothacher Marathon" stories of your own? What do your holidays look like this year?

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Our Town

Last Year's "1st Time Around the Block"

Last year around this time we were living in a different town, in a different house, with only 2 babies instead of 3. This was my original idea for something fun to activity play with my (then) almost 2-year-old. Masking tape on carpet + big blocks= roads and buildings. I mapped out the town while she was down for nap, using the tape as an outline for the roads and the Xed out sections where of course going to be the city blocks where building were. Silliness. Although it was a good exercise in sorting by color and then stacking/building blocks, it was not practical, especially for her age. She could care less about the "buildings" and it only made sense to drive ON the tape...not in between.

We did have fun though. "We" even used other toys in our town:

Curious George by the YELLOW buildings of course

Our King Kong on a tall tower

And every town needs a flying Superman!

My perfectionist self did finally let my kid play...hehe

A year later we tried this fun activity again.

This is NOT our "1st Time Around the Block"

- Stress - Expectation - Details - mom-input + a sibling= FUN!

bahaha Roads, roads, and more roads for all of our cars and little people. This is a product of a rainy day, 2 energetic toddlers, a desperate mom (who was trying to make lunch), and 1/2 a roll of painters tape. *Bonus: it's Still on the floor~ covered by the playroom area rug. I'm love'n it!

My 3-year-old (in June, as she'd tell you) daughter, Mags kept coming to the kitchen to tell me, "the cars keep 'getting' the little people." She had to help each, individual, little person go to bed so they'd be safe from the cars "getting" them (yeah, I know...I don't get it either). and Yes...entering the kitchen each and Every time she successfully helped a little person make safely to bed to announce her accomplishment. That's a LOT of little people to help in one morning.

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31 Days to Clean: Day #1

31 Days to Clean Having a Martha House the Mary way

Day 1: Why Clean?

Mary Challenge: Make your “mission statement”.  Mine states:

"I want my home to be a comfortable place to live;

where my children have fun throughout the day,

my husband is relaxed,

 as a family, we are free to host guests at any time without feeling embarrassed about the condition of my home,

as well as be a good steward of what God has so richly blessed me with.

I want to Want and Love to live in my HOME."

My inspiration comes from a passage in the Old Testament every time I think about how I want to go about this hospitable thing:

2 Kings 4:10
10 Let’s make a small room on the roof and put in it a bed and a table, a chair and a lamp for him.
Then he can stay there whenever he comes to us.”

My goal is to meet the needs of my family but right along side that to also create an atmosphere where any and everyone feel welcome, loved, comfortable and a desire to hang out at any hour of the day (this gets us in bind some days, hehe)! I also want to meet even the simplest needs: The text version, a bed and a table, a chair and a lamp, equates to our family providing a guest room (even if that means my kids will always share rooms), uncluttered space to bring in their things and/or a place at our table to eat, plenty of seating for conversation, and practical items: Extra toiletries, quick-fix food, etc.

Martha ChallengeMake your mission statement pretty and place it somewhere you can see it daily then organizing supplies.

I edited a picture (which I LOVE doing) of my home and typed out my "mission statement" on it, printed it at Wal-Mart and bought a CHEAP frame, then I gave it a home, with this yummy candle, on my kitchen counter between the sink and the stove. Just the place to see it (multiple times) daily! I feel kinda silly posting all this but I am hoping to hear Your stories of "why" you clean!To read more about the Shunammite woman, Elisha, and her reward for hospitality, click here.

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