The Real Homemaker’s Challenge {Day 3}

I can remember my early dreams of being a house wife and stay-at-home-mom. They always included some cute dressed version of me sipping out of a mug while doing a bible study before anyone else in the house is up. Then I move on to ministering along side my husband in that same cute outfit with a glorious smile across my face. Again, that stylish version of me calmly playing with my fully dressed kids who are learning from my every word before I wistfully glide into the kitchen to pull that beautiful meal out of the oven and move it to the set table for dinner. Don't laugh; you know you have your own ideal picture of being a homemaker! ...... Keep reading on the Homemaker's Challenge today!

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INTRO to Heart Issues Series


Here's the layout for the series {keep in mind, the link will not work until the post has been published}:



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